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LeBron Shaves His Head And Other Post-Championship Footage

Catching up with the major players of the Finals
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 16, 2017
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The dust that is the 2017 NBA Finals has finally settled, and the Golden State Warriors emerged the victor in what turned out to be a lopsided matchup.

It was a smooth transition from debating about a player's legacy and being in awe of the Dubs to the free agency circus and draft night buzz. Although, until now, players from the Warriors and the runners up Cleveland Cavaliers are still dominating the headlines even with the series over.

Dazzling dunks and buzzer-beaters are normally the highlight of sports mixtapes, only this isn't your usual NBA highlight reel. Catch up with the major players of the Finals through this video compilation:

LeBron James

Before he got petty with Draymond Green, The King wasted no time in striving for greatness after failing to defend the Land. But what was more intense than LeBron spewing bars was the gleam on his now bald head. Finally, he has "come home."

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Kyrie Irving

Uncle Drew returned the favor to Papa Irving, whose home was renovated recently through the online series My Houzz. Kyrie and his sister helped redesign father Drederick Irving's childhood abode, even adding a trophy room for all his son's hardware.


Draymond Green

The emotional player is living the life of a champion. Draymond deservingly rubbed it in (Just ask LeBron), got sooooo hammered during the after-party, then told everyone about it on a talk show. Shirtless JR may have a worthy rival: Couch Potato Draymond.

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Stephen Curry

Chef officially shed his altar-boy image when he lit one up on national TV. With a couple of MVPs and championships under his belt, Steph looks like he can pretty much do whatever he wants now—which is a bad sign for the rest of the NBA.

Kevin Durant

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What a difference winning makes, considering he used to be too formal, as For The Win pointed out. A day after stating that Kyrie is better than Allen Iverson, KD was up and about on Twitter to defend his claim and give haters a dose of their own medicine.


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