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#PressConOfTheCentury: Why Pacquiao And Mayweather Stood So Far From Each Other During Their Face-Off!

We have a couple of theories about "The Gap"!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 13, 2015
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The #FightOfTheCentury is really happening, FHM Nation!

Boxing biggest stars, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, together with their respective camps and networks faced the media yesterday for the #PressConOfTheCentury, officially announcing the most anticipated boxing match of this generation.

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The event was smooth and totally in order. Bob Arum reminisced about World War II, citing how Filipinos took in Jewish refugees and continued the geurrilla movement against the Japanese when the Americans left, to somewhat describe our race's brand of hospitality and fighting spirit. Coach Freddie Roach took shots at Floyd. Manny gave the media a little homily. Money May addressed everyone with respect; even thanking Arum and Team Pacquiao for helping make May 2 mega fight come true.

And then The Biebs crashed the stage for the photo-op. (Manny, next time, pakibigyan nga ng kaliwa yan!)

But the highlight of the event was definitely when the two pound-for-pound kingpins shared the stage for the traditional fighters' face-off. You know, that moment when two fighters stand really close to each other that they can almost exchange atoms, electrifying fans as they feel the tension building up between two jawing pugilists.


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Wait, something's wrong here.

Why was there a considerable distance between the two? Were they shy? Did someone forget to brush their teeth? Was there an invisible wall between them? No one knows. But at least they stared at each other! (And Manny seemed serious this time around!) We waited half a decade for this to happen, so we'll take whatever.

But because we tend to overanalyze things here in FHM HQ, we wasted a whole lot of company time looking for the real reason for "The Gap." Below are our (not-so-educated) theories!

Moses mistook the stage for the Red Sea

Son Goku was building a Spirit Ball

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They were actually playing the "newspaper dance party game"

Floyd's so afraid of Mommy D's hexing skills, he was on constant lookout

Someone had shawarma for breakfast

There's a poop emoji between them

Somehow, someway, the "Ricky Martin Hard Part Pompadour Meme" had something to do with it

They thought they were riding the MRT


Alright, we really need to go easy on the caffeine.

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