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PXC 41: The Pinoy Losing Streak Continues

It is what it is
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 11, 2013
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We guess 2013 just really isn't Pinoy MMA's year.

We came to last Saturday's (November 9) PXC 41 hoping to finally see the end of our country's championship losing streak against foreign fighters. But challenger Louis Smolka sent us home bummed out after he decimated PXC Flyweight Champion Ale Cali in the main event. But hey, Louis, bro, you're definitely going places. Congratulations, new champ!

Those who weren't able to see the fight might rant and complain: "Talo na naman tayo? Bakit na naman?" Well, it's not like our boy didn't give it his all. But here's how it happened...

Round 1

It was apparent from the get-go that Smolka's reach is getting the better of Cali, prompting the defending champion to resort to body punches early on in the round. Smolka did not immediately go for the takedown and opted to exchange with Cali, which was precisely what Ale, a former boxer, wanted in the first place.

PXC 41

But what Ale did not foresee was how his opponent was merely setting him up for the takedown—something Smolka accomplished many times during the fight. It didn't take long for the challenger to sprint ahead in the scorecards; he even caught Cali with a nasty elbow right above the left eye.

PXc 41

But you never ever discount the heart of a champion. Ale is the type of fighter who thrives from having a boisterous audience. He mustered enough energy to escape Louis' hold amidst loud chants of "Cali! Cali!" He was even able to hurt the challenger in more than one occasion with a couple of clean shots to the body.

PXC 41

But Smolka was able to use his superior wrestling to get back in control and closed the first round with a little more ground and pound. Cali, for all his heart, had a tough time getting out of this one. Good thing the bell rang, signaling the end of the opening round.

PXC 41

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