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#ByeBoston: Rajon Rondo's Top 10 Plays With The Celtics

Today marks the end of an NBA era. Join us as we look back at newly traded Dallas Mavericks point guard Rajon Rondo's time with the Boston Celtics!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 19, 2014
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Rajon Rondo’s name has been swirling around the NBA Trade rumor mill for a good three years now. The buzz finally stopped for good earlier today.

The Boston Celtics has agreed to send the four-time All-Star and last remaining member of their fabled 2008 champion team to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Brendan Wright, Jae Crowder, and Jameer Nelson. The Celtics will also receive a first round draft pick in 2015 and a second-rounder in 2016.

Image via The Big lead

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With the trade, the Mavericks, who currently hold the sixth place on a stacked Western Conference, further bolster themselves as a legit title contender. Not only did they solve their backcourt issue at the point, they also acquired a pass-first PG that loves to put his guys in scoring position. And, oh, he's also one the best point guards in the league.

Before the Rondo trade, Dallas relied heavily on the drive-and-dish play of Monta Ellis—with Chandler Parsons waiting on the corner—and Dirk Nowitzki’s high post work that often ended up with his patented one-foot fadeaway.

With Rondo now around, and barring any chemistry issues (bet money it won't happen), we might see a more intricate Dallas offense.

Imagine this: Nowitzki, Parsons, and Ellis moving around screens, with Rondo cherry pickling which one to give an assist to; Tyson Chandler dunking off a pick-and-roll with Rondo; Nowitzki wiping his nose and tucking in his jersey before taking a wide open, off-a-high pick-and-roll-with-Rondo jumper. And how does a Rondo-Ellis-Parsons-Nowitzki-Chandler starting lineup looks like to you? #Solid

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Even Lebron's jealous:

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And Boston?

Oh, they're tanking alright. They have the necessary trade exceptions to absorb all the salaries from Dallas while potentially generating a valuable $12.9 million trade exception (Rondo's 2014-15 salary) to fund their rebuilding. Yes, REBUILDING. Again. Sucks to be a Celtics fan right now, we know.

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Sooo, while we wait for Rondo's Mavericks debut versus the San Antonio Spurs this Sunday, December 21, let's take a trip down memory lane and relive No.9's highlights while he was still in Beantown.

10)   Rondo casually shooting a jumper over the backboard

9)   A wrap-around dribble that only he can pull off

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8)   A miraculous tip-in way away from the basket

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7)   Mo Peterson hits the deck after Rondo pulls one of his illest crossovers

6)   "I see you, Mr. James"

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5)   Rondo sends the game to overtime...with an alley-oop with just .06 seconds left

4)   The spin-cycle No.9

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3)   Yo Dallas fans, here's your new point guard serving a huge facial versus the Pistons!

2)   Proof that Rondo has 360-degrees vision

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1)   And that memorable play when he stole the ball from Jason Williams, dived for possession, froze J-Will with a crossover, and then laid it in for two

Here's the full compilation:

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