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Which Team Is Ray Allen Better Off?

We enumerate the pros and cons of his potential comeback teams
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 20, 2016
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While the other big names in his age group have already called it a day (Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan), NBA sharpshooter Ray Allen is strongly considering a return to the hardwood.

Last time we heard about Allen's comeback, it was reported that he is hoping to pad his all-time three-point record.

According to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe, via CSN New England"Ray wants to play again. I'm sure about that. I don't think he particularly enjoys watching Stephen Curry rain threes and challenge his record and be called the best shooter in the world. I think that bothers him. I know Ray wants to extend his all-time three-point record."

One shouldn't be fooled by Allen's age; at 41, he still looks like the UConn Huskie that was drafted in 1996 and reportedly "still weigh the same I weighed in college." And with Allen's style where he just has to go out there and shoot, it wouldn't be hard to integrate him into any system.

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Now, if he indeed pushes through with his plans, these are the four teams which have been the major players in the Ray Allen sweepstakes and will actually make sense for him to join (or not):

Golden State Warriors

Pro: How does forming Splash Island with Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson sound?

Con: Being the fourth option (or even fifth, with Draymond Green), joining the Dubs will invalidate his primary goal of extending his lead on Curry.

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Boston Celtics

Pro: In what would shape up to be a storybook ending, Allen will be back where he won his first championship. Although he may have to mend a few fences with some members of the storied franchise, following their ugly breakup in 2012.

Con: With Boston's guard logjam, we aren't quite sure how he will get the minutes that he wants. Unless Ray's okay to settle for a mentor role a la Kevin Garnett.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Pro: Joining with LeBron James is like being handed a Finals golden ticket. And considering the couple of years the two have played together, chemistry wouldn't be an issue.

Con: JR Smith will reportedly skip the Cavs' minicamp because of stalled contract negotiations. Acquiring Allen will most likely be the proverbial nail in the coffin of re-signing Smith.

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Milwaukee Bucks

Pro: The perfect feel-good story: Allen coming full circle (he was traded to Milwaukee after being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves) where he made a name for himself.

Con: As promising as the Bucks are at the moment, this team wouldn't be the best option if Allen intends to compete. He isn't getting any younger.


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