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Pacquiao-Mayweather Is A Done Deal (Or Rather Why We Think It Is)
Join us as we go totally paranoid and try to prove a conspiracy theory that the Pac-Mayweather thing is already a go!
by Kirby Garlitos | Jan 29, 2015
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First off, let us clarify this fact: We have no inside knowledge on fight negotiations nor do we have a direct line to Manny Pacquiao's cellphone. Heck, all we've been doing recently is bashing Money May.

That said, we believe that the fight has been agreed upon by both parties. As in, this thing is already a done deal. Not exactly a prediction-for-the-ages, but we're still going out on a limb on this one, if only because nobody really knows what the hell is going on and that supposedly incidental "first meeting" between the fighters in question triggered a massive reading on our conspiracy theory radars.

Here's our theory: Both camps have agreed to a fight and what we’re seeing, hearing, and reading has been nothing but an elaborate marketing ploy to promote the fight to an even bigger audience than anybody anticipated. We think it's nothing but a way to stoke the fire for a record-setting pay-per-view that the whole world might pay (more) to watch. Why do we say so? Below are our reasons!

1)    Global promotion under our noses

You know how everybody’s already proclaiming how this fight will break financial records in boxing? You know how it can get there? Promote it all over the world. There’s a reason why Manny was so keen to take up Prince Harry’s invitation to have tea at Buckingham Palace other than the obvious reason of mingling with actual royalty.

Image via Jinkee Pacquiao's Instagram account

There’s also a reason why Floyd Mayweather Jr. took up an invitation to appear in Australia next month other than the obvious reason of him getting paid for his appearance.

That reason, in our humble opinion, is to promote this fight to a global audience. Forget about promoting it all over the U.S., this fight deserves a global stage and both fighters are shrewdly leveraging their influence past their natural strongholds of the U.S. and the Philippines.

Here’s the best part: Setting up city-to-city promotional tours costs a lot of money for the promoters, which in this case would be Mayweather Promotions and Top Rank. But what if there was a way to circumvent that cost and set it up in such a way that you get publicity with a lower cost but higher returns by going to all these foreign countries and visiting their heads of state?

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These promotional outfits know that the world is currently watching their boxers' every move, and knows that a seemingly harmless trip to see the king (prince?) is going to get coverage.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

2)   Media misdirection

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard the interview of Alex Ariza, Floyd’s strength and conditioning coach who previously worked with Team Pacquiao. If you haven’t seen or heard it, Ariza pretty much shot down the possibility of the fight happening. In doing so, he spewed pretty much every kind of vitriol he could muster and directed it at Bob Arum.

Video via  ESNEWS

This is common practice for everybody who has had a falling out with Arum, but did anybody notice where Ariza was when he was being interviewed? He just came out of watching a screening of the Pacquiao documentary!

That’s probably a coincidence, but we think Ariza granted that interview because he was told to intentionally douse the potential fight so, in a roundabout way, people will continue to talk about it…right smack in the middle of the lead-up to the Super Bowl. In case you missed it, there has been hearsay regarding the fight being officially announced during America's biggest annual sporting event. (More about this below.)

How can you stay relevant in the face of the Super Bowl? Have the current strength and conditioning coach of one of the fighters, who was the former strength and conditioning coach of the other fighter, throw the promoter of the other fighter under the bus while confidently saying that the fight will never happen because of said promoter. Again: Brilliant!

3)   The Miami Meet-Up
Of 2015

This is actually the incident that made us believe that the fight’s already done. The proverbial tipping point. Forget about what’s been said about Pacquiao staying in Miami because he couldn’t get a flight out because of winter storm Juno. Forget about what’s been said about the meeting being a “chance encounter” between the two fighters.

We don’t think either of these things can purely be attributed to coincidence. Both camps already knew that Pacquiao would be in Miami to judge the Miss Universe pageant. Since Mayweather also has a home in the area, wouldn’t it be cool if they were spotted in the same place? Unless both fighters are closet fans of the Florida Panthers, the only way that could’ve happened was in a Miami Heat game.

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Conveniently enough, there was!

So here’s what we think: None of us still know whether the fight’s going to happen or not. But somebody figured a way to get the proposed fight an incredible amount of media coverage without the two fighters exerting any effort at all. So some genius thought, "Hey, why don’t we let Pacquiao and Mayweather sit courtside at a Heat game RIGHT ACROSS FROM ONE ANOTHER and then have them meet at halftime so so that everybody with a camera in the arena—that would be everybody, literally—can capture the moment and splash it all over social media!?"

And it work, didn't it? Along with the eventual Mayweather-visits-Manny-in-his-hotel reports, this halftime meet-up's probably the most shared sporting news this week—not just on our site but on all the other media outlets that have shared it too. How do you say it? Oh yeah, it's gone viral.

4)   The (Rumored) Super Bowl Ad

This is the rumor that got us really excited. Apparently, there are whispers that an announcement is going to be made during the Super Bowl. That’s not all that surprising, but these rumors suggest that the announcement will come in the form of a commercial at some point during the game.

Can you imagine watching the game and then one of those boxing promotional commercials comes up on TV, complete with fancy editing and cheesy music, announcing that “On May 2…two worlds will FINALLY collide…” or something to that effect?

Then we see something like “Mayweather. Pacquiao. May 2.” before ending with “It’s on.”

Don’t tell us you’re not getting goosebumps imagining that scenario actually playing out.

In the meantime, let's watch our other favorite, actually existng Super Bowl ad:

Video via New TV Commercials

5)   All that back and forth

Simply put, they have us running on a mouse wheel for eternity (or for at least until the fight happens.) They throw us bits of cheese here and there (all that Pacquiao says/Mayweather says/Arum says/HBO says spitfest) to keep us running just when we're starting to feel tired in the legs.

They keep talkin', and we keep walkin', with the ultimate goal of having us being in too deep, too far down the road to look back when they finally make the announcement. People have said that the fight doesn't have the same luster as it did in 2010, but count on these seedy marketing ploys to turn things around.

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