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18 Times The Rio Olympics Felt Too Much Like Real Life

Who would have thought that normal Juans like us would have so much in common with these world-class athletes?
by Rey de la Cruz Jr. | Aug 16, 2016
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Sure, they're probably the best physical specimens the world has to offer. But at the end of the day, they're still also humans that wade through traffic and get addicted to Pokémon GO just like us! Here are a few moments in the 2016 Rio Olympics that felt too much like real life.

Whether it's work or school, this is how most of our days start. As zombies.

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Because you wanted to get to work on time so you woke up at 5 a.m. and skipped breakfast. But EDSA has other plans.

And then you finally get to where you need to be but you badly need to go to the restroom only to find a long line of people who also had to hold it in while stuck in traffic.

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And you pretend that everything's under control but deep inside pinagdadasal mong kainin ka na ng lupa.

When your boss gives you more work to do. And you smile outwardly but in your head you're already imagining how you'd like to strangle him/her.

But you remember this bored lifeguard from the Olympics and you realize that your job's not so worthless after all.

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Kaya ang dami mo nang na-evolve na Pokémon. Kaso puro Pidgeotto.

When you get too excited about catching Pikachu and your body just can't hide it.

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Kapag ginagalit ka na ng Pokémon at biglang hindi na sila cute sa paningin mo.


When someone else finds a rare Pokémon but all that shows up in your map is another Rattata.

When you've finally caught that pesky flying Pokémon that you've been trying to catch for the last three minutes...only for it to break free and escape.

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When your Raticate with a CP of 200 gets to be Gym Leader because there's no one playing in that area so you brag to all of your friends how you managed to take over a Pokegym.

And you were actually saving it for later because you're on a diet.

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So you tell yourself once more: "Promise, next year talaga!" But you've been saying the same thing since five years ago.

And you tell your friends: "Promise, next time ako na taya!" But you've been saying the same thing since forever.

Hindi pa nakuntentong inubusan ka ng donut, kinain rin yung tinatago mong chocolate!

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When the girl you've been crushing on since college finally breaks up with her douchebag boyfriend so you rush to her as a "shoulder to cry on." #Abanger

When you don't really know anything about the Olympics but everyone's been talking about Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Hidilyn Diaz so you just play along. Don't worry bro, your secret's safe with us.

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