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Sam Perkins Helps Us Count Down the 100 Days Until the NBA Arrives in Manila!

Let's get countin'!
| Jul 2, 2013
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Fellow NBA fanatics, there are now only 100 days left until James Harden and the Houston Rockets meet Paul George and the Indiana Pacers in the NBA Global Games Philippines 2013! We. Cannot. Wait.

And if that’s not enough to get your socks to fly off, the NBA also sent over here 15-year NBA veteran Sam “Big Smooth” Perkins to help us count down the days till October 10! Yes, that corn-rowed (he’s now sporting what appears to be dreadlocks) big man shooter that played for the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Seattle Supersonics, and the Pacers is in Manila right now—and he’s probably taking a nap at this very minute (the guy really looked jetlagged during a press conference earlier today at the MOA Arena).

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After he gets some sleep though expect him to visit some malls (ala Vin Diesel), and catch a college game or two (this one he said he really plans to do).

Now, speaking of that press conference: Aside from Big Sam, also present were MOA Arena marketing and sponsorship head Nicole Deato and NBA country manager Carlo Singson. Both officials shared a number of really juicy news, namely:

(1) That apart from Harden’s and New Orleans Pelicans guard Eric Gordon’s planned visit here on July 26-28 to promote a 3-on-3 tournament organized by the NBA, the NBA will also send a crew here in September for their NBA Fit program. Previously supervised by Coach Erik Spoelstra of 2013 Champions Miami Heat (sorry to rub it in, Spus fans), Mr. Singson mentioned that he can’t yet guarantee Coach Spo’s return but added that the NBA will be sending “someone.”

(2) That barring any injuries, whoever is on the Rockets’ and Pacers’ lineup will be playing. That means, if rumors are true, we might also get the chance to see Dwight Howard in action! Also, since he’s back with the Pacers, there’s a possibility Larry Bird would go! But that’s only if he want to, which we hope he does! Time to start a "Go To Pinas, Larry" campaign…

(3) That if you want to watch the game on October 10 you better get off your ass and buy a ticket now! Ms. Deato revealed that they’ve already sold 70 percent of the tickets available, which means only about 700 tickets are left! Also, the P550 tickets have been wiped out; so, yeah, it’s time to smash your piggy banks… For those unfamiliar with the ticket prices, the snapshot below is for you:

(4) That Hakeem Olajuwon is harder to guard than Shaquille O’Neal. That’s according to Sam Perkins, and we quote (courtesy of our bros from “Shaq was totally different from Olajuwon because Hakeem can do multiple things. Shaq just leaned on his opponent, back in and do his thing. I had to ice my arm as if I threw a hundred (baseball) pitches in a game [everytime I guarded Shaq], ha ha! But actually, I had to make sure my arm stayed loose because he was difficult to guard, too, though I still give it to someone who is more dimensional.”

Finally, to get you more pumped up for October 10, below is the planned TVC for the NBA Global Games. We apologize though for the quality, we had just shaken Sam Perkin’s massive hands when we took it:

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