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So It's Shane Mosley After All

<p>Not the most exciting match-up, but we'll eventually get there</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 23, 2010
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Never mind that we made a prestigious list of fighters suited to fight Pacquiao in 2011, at the end of the day it’ll all come down to Bob Arum, who has officially announced Shane Mosley as Manny’s next opponent in 2011.
Not to assume, but we’re thinking this is not the potential match-up everyone had in mind. A Mosley-Pacquiao bout could have been a big fight at one point, but now it only looks like an obstacle to the other Pacquiao opponent we’re actually dying to see.

Catch is we Pinoys would still watch it anyway, given that it is still a Manny Pacquiao fight. Mosley’s side however would take a little convincing. Here are four possible Shane Mosley fight angles that can turn this lackluster match-up into a definite must-see.

The Rocky angle
The Rocky story pertains to a heavy underdog situation overcoming the hot shot. Easier said than done of course, but we’re looking at Mosley as a fighter that can pull off an upset. With Pacquiao indulging in everything else non-boxing, he could easily serve as the villain this time.

The retirement angle
Mosley is facing Father Time at 39 years old, and he will be close to turning 40 by the time the Pacquiao fight takes place. Win or lose, a fight with Manny could be the closing Mosley needs in his career. And if history serves us right, retirement matches are almost always a must-see.

The sympathy angle
Mosley is on the losing end of a financial battle, cutting ties with Golden Boy Promotions which means a potential lawsuit might be on the way. He is also in the middle of a divorce battle, and most of his moolah is on the line. So yes, he would be glad to take home a slice of the bounty.

The redemption angle
Mosley is coming off a split-draw decision against the light-punching Sergio Mora, a fight that was deemed a disappointment by many. Mosley need not win in this fight to redeem himself in the public eye, he just needs to show some heart and showcase the Mosley of old.

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