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So What's Next for Brandon Vera?

Here's to hoping Vera doesn't get the boot
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 3, 2011
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After suffering his third consecutive loss in Sunday’s UFC 125, Brandon Vera is on the verge of being cut from the UFC.

[firstpara]News of such nature is a tough pill to swallow, but nothing is certain just yet. We’ll know for sure within the next few days.

Vera was dominated by Thiago Silva in all three rounds with several takedowns and clinch strikes, earning the Brazilian the unanimous decision victory. Poor Brandon even suffered a severely broken nose in the process.

Many would agree that his performance in Sunday’s bout was lackluster, showing the least glimmer of hope among all of his losing fights.

A third consecutive loss and in disappointing fashion constitute the grounds of a fighter bound to be cut soon.

The question suffices: what’s next for Brandon Vera? The possibilities are endless – he could fight for another organization, hang his gloves for good and train up-and coming fighters, or maybe he will not be cut from the UFC after all.

Or he could go a different route and pursue these four career paths instead:

Vera the celebrity
Benjie Paras, Joey Marquez, and Manny Pacquiao all did it – dude’s got the looks to make it in showbiz. Brandon once appeared as an assassin in GMA’s Kamandag, and has done several covers and commercials, the latest appearing alongside Georgina Wilson in a Red Horse TVC.

Vera the restaurateur
The Vera clan also happens to own a restaurant called Manila Good-Ha, an eatery famous for everything Pinoy cuisine: relyenong bangus, dinuguan, kalderetang kambing, and the like. George Foreman and Jamal Mashburn both made millions off the food business, and so could Vera.

Vera the farmer
Brandon also once mentioned wanting to start up a farm once his UFC career dwindles down. Brandon is a man with a plan: live off the land, use solar power, enjoy the birds and trees – Vera wants the whole package. He even has a place in mind: Oregon or Tennessee.

Vera the stand-up comedian
Brandon’s been known to make light of a losing situation – sarcastically thanking the judges for his unanimous decision loss to Randy Couture at UFC 105 and showing off his severely dislocated nose at UFC 125. Not afraid to make fun of himself, he could be a good comedian.

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