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Heirs To The Throne: 8 Promising Baller Sons Of NBA Players

'Mana-mana lang yan,' as the old saying goes
by Raul Maningat | Jul 26, 2016
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If you're looking for potential basketball prodigies, it's not a bad idea to keep an eye on the youngins of NBA ballers.

Look at the Splash Brothers: Klay Thompson reaped the benefits of the athletic genes passed onto him by his pops, 1978 No.1 Draft Pick Mychal, while Stephen Curry got his shooter's DNA from his marksman dad, Dell.


Come to think of it, it makes perfect sense that the children of current or former superstars of the Association possess the makings of a hardwood stud. "Mana-mana lang yan," as the old saying goes. That said, here is our hoops prospect scouting report—Sons of NBA Players Edition.

Shareef O'Neal (Shaquille O'Neal)

Height: 6'9"
Age: 16
Position: PF

Like his Dad: Shareef is agile for his size and athletic enough to grab above the rim alley-oops like Shaq Daddy did back in the day. He's also got a penchant for dunking the basketball with a lot of flair.

Unlike his Dad: Aside from having a head full of hair, Shareef is not a full-on power player. Instead, he compliments his bulk with finesse in his face-up game and his decent perimeter shooting. Still, we'd love to see him trample everyone on the court, in Shaq Diesel fashion.

Zaire Wade (Dwayne Wade)

Height: N/A
Age: 14
Position: PG

Like his Dad: Whenever he puts his head down, Zaire can get into the paint. He has shown flashes of The Flash in the open court, and comes off stronger than most of his batchmates despite his young age. Zaire is also a good shot blocker for a point guard.

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Unlike his Dad: Z. Wade is a pass-first player. Actually, he's into dishing so much that his "Uncle" Kobe told him to shoot more. In time, he might turn out to be a more potent scorer; improving his Shawn Marion-like shooting form would likely help make that happen.

LeBron James, Jr. (Seriously?)

Height: N/A
Age: 11
Position: PG

Like his Dad: He has the ability to barrel his way through the lane cradling the ball. LBJ, Jr. is like a mini freight train, bullying his way inside. His ball-handling is as tight as his passing game, thanks to inheriting his dad's superhuman court vision.

Unlike his Dad: Bronny is not (yet) as big and as strong as 'Bron because, well, he's just 11. Other than that, James Jr. plays an all-around game akin to his pops. What sets the father and son apart is that Junior is financially lit so he might not have that extra motivation to work doubly hard like his dad did when the latter was striving to break out of poverty in Akron, Ohio. But if the kid doesn't let his affluent status in life—given that his Dad is now a multi-millionaire—hinder his drive to improve on his craft, he, too, may rock the basketball world in the near future.

Bryce James (LeBron James)

Height: N/A
Age: 8
Position: SG

Like his Dad: Bryce can put the ball in the hole whenever he wants to. He's a natural talent. At a young age, he's got an aura in him that says, "I'm a force to be reckoned with."

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Unlike his Dad: He's more of a scorer than a guy who creates for his teammates. He seems more concerned in nailing dagger baskets, and not so much in making key passes or defensive plays during games. Bryce actually plays more like his dad's BFF, Tito Dwayne Wade.

Gary Payton II (Seriously?)

Height: 6'2"
Age: 23
Position: PG

Like his Dad: He's steady and reliable at the one position. You'd be wrong to sleep on him on the defensive end because he's a chip off the old block—Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. Overall, GP II does many things well, which is probably why the Houston Rockets signed him just last June.

Unlike his Dad: Although he's an across-the-board type of player, GP II isn't exceptional at doing one thing. His best asset may be his defense, but it's still in question as he is yet to test it against the world's elite. If he gets significant playing time in the upcoming NBA season, it would be nice to see him prove his critics wrong.


Julian Payton (Gary Payton)

Height: 5'8"
Age: 18
Position: PG

Like his Dad: Julian is a solid point guard; his court vision is commendable while his shot-making is decent enough to draw the D. He's an active body on the floor, making him a pesky, sneaky defender reminiscent of The Glove.

Unlike his Dad: Unfortunately for us who like to see players talk smack, Julian didn't pick up his Dad's gift of gab. In terms of physical attributes, he, unlike his older brother, did not inherit his father's size, so he may have a hard time keeping in step against bigger and faster competition. Still, we're hopeful that Julian can make the pros like the other males in his his family if he puts in the necessary effort.

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Jaxon Williams (Jason Williams)

Height: N/A
Age: 14
Position: PG

Like his Dad: Jaxon has shown the potential to be a high-level, crafty ball handler. From the way he dribbles to how he passes, one could notice his certain command of the basketball, which he unmistakably got from pops aka one of the NBA's most magnificent showmen ever. It's just apt that even this early, Jaxon is labeled "White Chocolate, Jr."

Unlike his Dad: Jax likes shooting the ball more, and is into pull-up jumpers and driving to the hoop. If he becomes a more polished offensive player than his father and gets as good with the handles, the boy will go a long way. He may not only make it to the NBA, he may even surpass J-Will's swag and tatt game.

David Stockton (John Stockton)

Height: 5'11"
Age: 25
Position: PG

Like his Dad: He's a point guard with a respectable outside shot. David's got good speed and works hard on defense. Most of all, he has no quit in him akin to the NBA's all-time assists leader.

Unlike his Dad: David isn't an extraordinary floor general, thus his super short stint in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings and current tenure in the D-League's Reno Bighorns. There's a lot of room for improvement and the biggest hole in his game is his lack of decisiveness. In fairness to David, he might be a more dangerous streak shooter than his old man.

Domantas Sabonis (Arvydas Sabonis)

Height: 6'11"
Age: 20
Position: PF/C

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Like his Dad: Domantas is an NBA-level player. The Oklahoma City Thunder knew it, that's why they traded for him after he was picked 11th by the Orlando Magic in the recent NBA Draft. He's a natural when it comes to grabbing boards, a credit to his impressive mix of mobility and speed for his size.

Unlike his Dad: He's not a versatile big, let alone a playmaker. Domantas is a bruiser; his team can't really run plays through him. He has one thing over his dad though, in that there are no signs the 20-year old will be bothered by injuries during his professional career. We're crossing our fingers.


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