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Sports Week Hits and Misses: April 10

Back to work? Back to sports!
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 10, 2012
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Mga kapatid, kamusta ang holy week? That was a hard-earned five-day vacation, and rightfully so! Long enough for anyone to establish some much needed down time, yet fast enough for us not to miss out on our weekly dose of sports. Matter of fact, first thing we did as soon as we opened our office desktops was check on our fantasy basketball teams. This is how we deal with gloomy back-to-work Tuesdays, and it's working!

In this week's edition of sports hits and misses: a former UFC champion returns to his professional wrestling roots, a Knicks star plays his best game of the season, and a Lebanese player astonishingly beats Wilt Chamberlain's long-running professional basketball record. They're all aiming for the bullseye!

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