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Sports Week Hits and Misses: June 7

Congrats to future Hall of Famer Freddie Roach!
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 7, 2012
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Okay, maybe the San Antonio Spurs were jinxed by our bold predictions in last week's edition. Now we stand corrected - the Spurs are now heading into the offseason and the Oklahoma City Thunder are advancing to the NBA Finals. Can't blame us for believing though: prior to a four-game losing sweep, the Texas warriors just came off a 20-game winning streak. So fellas, what just happened?

Not to take away any credit to Kevin Durant and the mighty Thunder, who have now eliminated three ex-champs in the Mavericks, the Lakers, and the Spurs in this year's playoff run. You defeat three kinds of elite and you're bound to win a title of your own, yes? Don't jinx it, you say? Check out our sports week chart below!


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