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Sports Week Hits and Misses: March 15

Eyes open for a potential blockbuster trade soon
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 15, 2012
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We can feel the thrill once again. Everybody can sense the anticipation. We can barely keep our hands off that refresh button, waiting for the latest update in this upcoming NBA trade deadline. The Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks already kicked the hornet's nest with a blockbuster trade. The Orlando Magic has ultimately decided to shop Dwight Howard. Who knows what else might suffice within the next few days, right?

But first, a recap of the other things that took place outside of said subject. In today's sports week story, we have a whining MMA fighter who wants to venture into rapping, a well-respected coach resigning from a team full of spotlight, and a national boxing hero fighting legal woes at the moment, among others. Proceed below!


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