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Sports Week Hits and Misses: March 7

Kobe continues to appear in our hitlist
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 7, 2012
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A week after the thrilling events of the NBA All Star weekend, the world of sports is picking up right where it left off. Basketball's got a new flying masked crusader in a Laker uniform. Pinoy football has a new sexual harrassment lawsuit in two Azkals players. We even have some golf news coming in this week, even if Tiger Woods is the closest and only thing we know about that sport.

Maybe you're coming off an overseas vacation last weekend. Perhaps you didn't catch the backside of the daily morning newspaper today. Maybe office work is just extra ludicrous as of late. All the same, you wanna catch up on your weekly dose of sports news, and it is our life's mission to do all the recap for you. So thank you for reading, and check out this week's sports hits and misses!


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