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Here's Solid Proof That Stanley Pringle And James Harden Are Long Lost Brothers

Don't say we didn't tell you
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 17, 2018
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Listen up, people! This is about to blow your mind. So take your paracetamols and pain killers now before we present to you some seriously terrifying proof that our very own Gilas Pilipinas point guard Stanley Pringle and the Houston Rockets MVP shooting guard James Harden are actually long lost brothers.

Let’s jump right into it. First, just by looking at the two, there’s no doubt that they look alike. Stanley and James both have those bushy thick beards they've become oh so popular for. 

And it isn’t a shock that both of them play at the guard position. Sure, Stanley plays the one and James plays the two, but both can certainly switch it up if the situation calls for it. Oh, and did you notice that in their first names, they both only have the letters ‘a’ and ‘e’ as vowels? We’re onto something now.


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But don’t take our word for it. We’ve got photographic (and video) evidence to prove our claim.

First off, this is the face both James And Stanley make when they pose with friends. The exact same poses. Weird, right?

This is the way they both handle the rock while showing off their fresh kicks. It’s driving us crazy how identical this looks.

Now let’s compare how both of them smile for the camera. James is showing some teeth here, but Stanley is almost emotionless. Smile some more, Stan.

This is probably a candid shot for both players because they both got that blank stare on their faces.

They even contemplate the same way! Looking far in the distance even when there’s nothing there! These guys are really brothers.

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Both of them show love for some slick suits! Sure, James already got one, and Stanley’s picking out now. Just wait and see.

And finally, when their selfie is interrupted by their dog (or dawg), they’re still all smiles. Again, not much of a smile Stan. Show some teeth!

But if their facial features didn’t wow you enough to take our side, here are highlight videos of their best work on the court. You will see that both of them are known for their style of play: attacking the rim if need be while leaving defenders behind in the process, or shooting lights out from just about anywhere on the floor. You’ll see that even their play style is the same. Just brothers doing their thang.

And with those untampered evidences, we rest our case that Stanley Pringle and James Harden are indeed long lost brothers, Your Honor.

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