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Stephen A. Smith Predicted The End Of Boston's 16-Game Win Streak

The SAS curse is officially lifted
by Andrei Medina | Nov 24, 2017
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ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, who is known for his infamous six-year NBA Finals losing streak prediction (2011-2016), was actually right on the money this time around after he was able to correctly foresee the Miami Heat’s win over the Boston Celtics.

Smith went all-out with his prediction as he was discussing the odds with co-host Max Kellerman who favored the Celtics. “I can’t knock you for thinking that Max Kellerman but tonight I must confess tonight—it’s emotional—but I’m kind of leaning towards Miami on this. I think if the streak is going to end its going to be tonight,” he said.[ArticleReco:{"articles":["35036"]}][ArticleReco:{"articles":["40535","40264","39541"]}]

Smith then went on to explain why he rooted for what he referred to as a “sleeper team” over the Celtics. “They’re the kind of team where on a normal night, Boston might run them out the building. But because Boston’s on this 16-game winning streak, because the odds of the basketball world are on Kyrie and Brad Stevens and what’s going on in Boston, they’ll play in this game. Miami is a kind of team with a bunch of young dudes that will get after it because they want moments like this because they view it as an opportunity to be recognized for what they have.” 

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As it turns out, Smith nailed it after the Heat eventually handed the Celtics their first loss that saw an end to Boston’s month-long winning streak.

Meanwhile, Celtics star Kyrie Irving, who finished with 23 points on 11-of-22 shooting in the 104-98 loss, told ESPN that their record-breaking streak had to end at some point.

“There's still a lot to accomplish going forward. It was a nice streak. But it was time to come to an end,” Irving explained.

Despite this, the Celtics are sitting at a 16-3 record, which is currently the best this season. They also got to beat defending champions Golden State Warriors.

Still, Irving feels they still have a lot of room for improvement as the young Celtics team tries to work out their chemistry after losing small forward Gordon Hayward to an unfortunate injury early this season. “I also don’t like calling everybody young guys but in terms of the years of experience in the league I feel that our focus level is great. In terms of our preparation, it can always get better but I feel like we’re definitely locked in when we need to be.” 

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