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Stephen Curry's Most 'Disrespectful' Plays Of The Season

These highlights are just ridiculous
by Mark Coles | May 11, 2016
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It is a known fact that back-to-back Most Valuable Player winner Stephen Curry is a human highlight reel whenever he steps foot on the court. The man can do it all: off-balance shots, fast break three-pointers from waaaay deep, staring down a whole team while the ball is still on its way to the rim—you name it.

So, in light of him winning MVP for the second straight year, we've compiled Curry's most disrespectful plays this season. Some of them are just downright humiliating that you couldn't help but pity the opposing team.

This swipe and transition swish from behind the arc to beat the buzzer against the Dallas Mavericks

We guess stealing the ball from Dirk Nowitzki wasn't enough.

His Sacramento staredown

Whatcha say, Seth?

That deep, deep three against Detroit

It's official: Curry has broken the half-court game. Even the guys at NBA 2K are having a hard time figuring out how to fashion Curry in the game.

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That day when he broke ankles in Indiana

Man down! There's a sniper in the building!

That time he shoe an NBA record 12 (TWELVE!) threes against no less than the Oklahoma City Thunder

We wouldn't be surprised if he smashes this record in the near future.


Curry fools The Klaw twice

MVP - 1, Defensive Player of the Year - 0.

LeBron James getting a taste of The Curry

LeBron wasn't too happy about Curry's defense off the switch, prompting him to shove the latter to the ground. Curry, however, got the last laugh with a three on the other end.

And then he robbed the King

To be honest, this only ended up here because of LeBron's priceless reaction.

Remember this Hail Mary heave against the Memphis Grizzlies?

Borrowing gaming jargon: off-balance Curry = imba.

This sweet behind-the-back to Barnes

Shooting is just the tip of his iceberg; handles and passing game are on-point too. Just ask those four Pelicans and Harrison Barnes.

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