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Tales From GenSan: FHM's Exclusive Look Inside Manny Pacquiao's Training Camp For Chris Algieri!

Join us as we go to General Santos for a behind-the-scenes look at Manny Pacquiao's training camp for his November 23 showdown against Chris Algieri!
by Raul Maningat | Nov 12, 2014
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Last October, we got to do something really cool. For a couple of days, we were able to follow Manny Pacquiao around General Santos City as he trained for his November 23 (Manila time) tussle with Chris Algieri. Aside from breathing the fresh air and walking the clean streets of Manny’s hometown, our trip was also highlighted by seeing what the Pambansang Kamao is like on and off the ring. We also got to talk to a pair of legendary boxing figures, namely, six-time Trainer of the Year Freddie Roach and the immortal Bob Arum.

To say the least, we had an awesome time hanging out in the Pacquiao camp.

Like a kid who can’t wait to tell all his friends about Big Hero 6, the greatest movie he saw this year, we’re itching to share with you our one-of-a-kind experience with Ninong Manny.

Here are eight stories that perfectly sum up our two "feeling-close" days with the eight-division champion!

1)   Seeing Manny Pacquiao in hardcore training is mesmerizing

He has the intensity of a pitbull

Manny moved non-stop. From executing rigorous strengthening and conditioning exercises to hitting the bags and the mitts, he was maniacal. According to the man, all the grueling work he does is supposed to make things easy for him on fight day:

Ginagawa natin ang lahat ng pagpapahirap sa katawan sa training para pagdating ng laban di tayo mahirapan.”

It’s a very simple approach towards fight preparation but it seemed to help bring out the best in Manny. The drive, the intensity and the endurance he showed were incomparable. Not even his former world champion stablemates, Antonio DeMarco and Lucian Bute, who were there at the camp, can keep up with him. 

We got really dizzy after trying to mimic Manny’s extremely high-paced shadowboxing, you know, that one where he makes that “hu, hu, hu” sound.

Up close, you see just what makes Manny, Manny

Manny’s a boxer, whose job is to stay fit, so what’s so special about seeing him in great shape? His physical build is marvelous because aside from being totally ripped, we can’t help but feel the tremendous power concentrated in his physique.

In local parlance: “Walang bahid ng pagka-ampaw.” At nearly 36 years of age, Manny’s body still looks like a highly detailed sculpture of an ancient warrior’s anatomy. We’re not exaggerating when we say Manny’s muscles are so well defined, they seem to crystallize into hard rock whenever he flexes them. Plus, his freakishly huge diamond-shaped calf muscles pretty much answers why he's able to launch his explosive ring maneuvers.

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You don't know how fast he is until you personally WITNESS how fast he is

Seeing Manny’s ultra-fast movements up close made us wonder how Algieri can possibly compete with this raging whirlwind. Pacquiao sparmates, former welterweight top contender Mike Jones and lightweight prospect Stan Martyniouk, concur that Manny’s swiftness is going to be the difference-maker in the Pacquiao-Algieri square-off.

“The thing that separates Manny from everbody else is his footwork… Manny’s going to win hands down.” Jones said. Martyniouk went even further by predicting a late round stoppage in favor of our Pambansang Kamao, “Manny will catch him (Algieri) with something he doesn’t expect, Manny’s just too sharp and too quick. I predict Manny will get the knockout by round nine.”

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Photos courtesy of Solar Sports