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Thanks To Instagram, This Master Dribbler Now Trains NBA All-Stars!

Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan's dribbling coach proves thatInstagram's not just all about ‪#‎foodporn‬ and shameless ‪#‎selfies‬!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Nov 19, 2014
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Who says Instagram's just a place for food porn and shameless selfies? Thanks to the photo-sharing network, one man got the gig of a lifetime.

Image via Slam

Meet Johnny Stephene, a ball-handling superhero with a unique and awesome job of training professional basketball players. His growing clientele includes NBA stars Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan, and Nate Robinson.

Here's the even cooler part: He didn't actually apply to any of them. People merely saw his Instagram pageand the rest is history. Here's what KryptoNate has to say about him:

#HeartOverHeight comming soon by bro @naterobinson #handlelife

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"He does a great job at self-promotion, but he's passionate at what he does. He really wants to help people," says Robinson, who worked with Stephene over the summer. "I've told my teammates about him. They can't believe that he is that good. He should definitely be a part of some NBA team as a coach, trainer, because his gift is so powerful."

Stephene originally played college ball for Central Oklahoma and even declared for the 2012 NBA Draft, in which he went undrafted. He then took his ball-handling wizardry to Mexico, but his career was cut short by a leg injury.

Tap tap tap #handlelife

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Eager to turn his life around, he decided to post some of his amazing handles on Instagram. Next thing he knew, he was being booked for basketball clinics everywhere, then endorsement deals and NBA job offers came.

So just how good he is with the ball? Below are our must-see picks!

The Squeak, Tap, Tap, Squeak

Squeak tap tap tap squeak ! #handlelife

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The Gettin' Juggly With It

#handlelife keep your handle nice

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The Dribs To Impress

"It's So Easy... Count One, Two, Three"

It's either love me or leave me alone ! #handlelife

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The Full-Court Press Counter

Tag friends/teammates you shake so bad , their pockets come out ! #handlelife

Pro basketball trainer(@dribble2much)張貼的影片 於 張貼

The Ninja Handles

Hope you had a happy handleween ! From ninjahandlelife

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And if you got extra dough to burn, you might want to purchase the handle enhancer Powerhandz from Handle Life and...

Handle It Like A Pro

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