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The Ultimate Bandwagoner's Guide To The World Cup

This one is for all the casual viewers out there
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 15, 2018
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Unlike the NBA Playoffs, the number of teams involved in the World Cup (thirty-two in case you didn't know) can easily overwhelm the casual "fan." But don't worry because we are here to help you enjoy—and, of course, there is no better way to enjoy than by rooting for the winning team, right? Find yourself below and discover the team you've always supported!

I love LeBron and the Heat Cavs, so who is the King of football?

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You can never go wrong with picking the GOAT, and that would be Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal team. Just like LBJ, Ronaldo is the best player on the planet (and just like Cleveland, he has no help from his team).

I love Curry and the Warriors, solid #warriorsnation since 2015 here!

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Lionel Messi and Argentina would be the Curry to Ronaldo's LeBron. Leo is the type of player who is so good (and makes it look so easy) that it can be annoying to watch them win. Argentina are proven chokers though, so be prepared for a vintage 2016 GSW-esque performance.

I want to support a team na linalangaw ng female "fans"

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Spain, or #lafuriaroja, with their sizable contingent of talented pretty boys is the team for you. The bandwagon of choice in 2010/14, they have been usurped as favorites and been pretty underwhelming lately, but they're still talented. They did fire their coach basically two days before this World Cup though, so be ready to switch allegiances rather early if they bomb. 

I want to support the winners!

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Germany, being the 2014 champs, are the strong favorites (likely female favorites, too) and they have kick-ass jerseys you won't regret buying. They're easy to support because you don't have to remember their names either, just say "man, I love Germany and their teamplay!" Their hashtag is easily misspelled though, so copy paste it right here before you embarrass yourself: #DieMannschaft

I want to support Brazil, because I love Neymar!

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Neymar is the undisputed star of Brazil, and all eyes will be on him as they try to redeem that 7-1 brutalizing they suffered at home last year. The rest of the #selecao don't have as much name recall but in case you were wondering who that vaguely Pinoy-looking dude in front is, well, that's Firmino.

I want to support the hipster's choice!

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Belgium led by attacking stars such as Eden Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne were dark horse favorites in 2014...and are still dark horse favorites this 2018. They made it to the quarters last time, and it wouldn't be surprising if they do it again considering the squad is mainly intact. Do prepare to be lonely and only have fellow fans on Facebook and none IRL though.

I want to support a team that is exactly in between all these other teams as not to stand out as a tryhard too much!

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We hear you, and put forward France for your new allegiance. Once heavy faves, they've fallen behind in the bandwagon stakes because they've been rebuilding the team. Their new young AF core is promising though—with most expensive teenager ever Kylian Mbappe—so they will surely achieve something this World Cup. Don't forget to #allez #lesbleus!

I want to support the plucky underdogs!

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The only thing that gets Pinoys harder than a bandwagon team is an underdog team punching above their weight and Iceland is the official fairy tale story of 2018. They'll probably get smashed at some point but definitely have at least one win in them that you can claim to be so excited for on social media.

Other relevant info:

- Do not ask where the Italy/USA/Netherlands are! They didn't make it!

- Hindi lahat ng foul yellow card

- It is never cool to support England (until they actually win)

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