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The Best NBA Inbound Plays Ever

Marvel at some of these incredible plays to ever come out of the sidelines
by Mark Coles | May 3, 2016
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Earlier today, the Oklahoma City Thunder eked out a 98-97 victory against the San Antonio Spurs to take Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals. The win however, didn't come without some controversy because of what happened during the game's final moments.

The Thunder called a timeout after the Spurs trimmed its lead to a point with 13.5 seconds to go. At the resumption of play, Dion Waiters had trouble inbounding the ball as Manu Ginobili hounded him no end. On the verge of a five-second violation, it appeared that Waiters shoved Ginobili with an elbow before passing the rock to Kevin Durant.

It was a crucial missed call by the refs, as there was obviously excessive contact from Waiters. Had there been a call against him, the Spurs could've quickly drawn up one last play upon change of possession to win the game.

Even the Inside the NBA crew agreed that there should've been a violation.

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In light of this unfortunate break of the game, we've compiled a list of the greatest inbound sequences in the NBA to show Waiters how such plays are supposed to be done.

Derek Fisher
's 0.4 game-winning shot against the Spurs

Who could ever forget Fisher's miraculous play? Prior this, nobody would've thought that anyone could make a shot with 0.4 seconds remaining.

David Lee's impossible 0.1-second tip

Just as unbelievable as the one above, only .3 seconds better. This is as ludicrous as it gets!


Reggie Miller's consecutive threes to tie the Knicks

That is eight points in only 8.9 seconds. Wow.

Miller bests Michael Jordan in Indiana

Miller makes another appearance with this smooth jumper-slash-heartbreaker over MJ and the Chicago Bulls.

Kobe Bryant
 fools everyone

Only the Black Mamba could trick the whole arena during an inbound play.

Ray Allen
 hits a dagger against the Bobcats

This one's similar to what happened between the Spurs and the Thunder, with the inbound pass being stolen as well. However, there was no elbowing involved; only great defense and clutch shooting from Allen.

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Rasheed Wallace hits the half-court heave

No one from the Denver Nuggets even defended Wallace as he swished an incredible hail-mary shot from beyond the half-court to send the game into overtime. The Detroit Pistons won this game, 113-109.

Larry Bird
 steals the inbound from Isiah Thomas

One of the most iconic plays in NBA history, Larry Legend took a gamble and went for the steal against the Pistons. It paid off with Bird intercepting the ball and passing it to Dennis Johnson who made the game-winning layup.

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