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Monster Dunks, Ankle-Breakers, Game Winners, Etc.: Here Are The Best Plays Of NBA 2014!

A Blake Griffin super facial, Andre Igoudala's crossover of the year, and that Damian Lillard Playoffs series clincher: these and more in our compilation of the NBA's best plays of 2014!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 6, 2015
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Two-oh-fourteen was a good year for NBA basketball and its fans.

We ushered in a new era as Adam Silver took over longtime NBA Commissioner David Stern. The Heatles disbanded as LeBron James went back home to Cleveland, while fellow superstars like Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo also changed zip codes. Kevin Durant finally became Numero Uno by winning his first-ever MVP, and giving us arguably the most heartfelt acceptance speech ever. You the real MVP, KD! 

And just in case you forgot, these "old" folks from San Antonio were crowned NBA champs once again.

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But before we welcome another year of the NBA, we'd like to give you the best plays from 2014–from gravity-defying dunks to the sickest crossovers, to ice-cold game-winners, all the way to luckiest of circus shots.

Sit back, relax, and prepare for basketball awesomeness!


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5)   Blake Griffin Claims Former Mr. Kardashian, Kris Humpries, As His Newest Bitch "Mozgov"

4)   Philadelphia 76ers Rookie KJ McDaniels Buries The Oop...At May Kasama Pang Foul!

3)   There's A New James In Miami! (His name is Ennis, BTW)

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2)   The Toronto Drakes Raptors' Terrence Ross Serves Up A Facial On The Manimal

1)   And Here's What A Healthy Paul George Can Do: Make In-Game 360 Dunks!

Watch the complete Top 10 Dunks of 2014 below:

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5)   The Brooklyn Nets' Joe Johnson Goes Court-To-Court For The Game-Winner Against The Phoenix Suns (Seriously, What's With The Suns And All These Game-Winners?)

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4)   Courtney Lee Only Needs 0.03 Seconds To Deliver Memphis Back To Graceland

3)   Half-Man, Half-Amazing Vince Carter Is All Clutch

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2)   The Orlando Magic Upsets The Oklahoma Thunder With This Perfect Fastbreak

1)   The Portland Trailblazers' Damian Lillard Sends The Houston Rockets Home

Watch the full Top 10 Game-Winners of 2014 below:

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5)   Xavier Henry Weaves Through The San Antonio Spurs With His Dribbling Magic

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4)   Jeff Teague Puts Evan Turner On Skates With This Ill Stepback-Crossover Dribble

3)   Ty Lawson Breaks Kirk Hinrich's Ankles With His Mean In-And-Out Handles

2)   Kemba Walker Tells Chicago Bull Nikola Mirotic To Sit Down Via A Slick Crossover-Plus-Behind-The-Back Dribble

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1)   Andre Iguodala Sends Quincy Miller To The Floor

Watch the full video of 2014's Top 10 Crossovers below:

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5)   The Black Mamba Still Has Some Nifty Tricks Up His Sleeve

4)   Lance Stephenson Doesn't Mind Falling Down Hard As Long As The Ball Goes Though The Basket

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3)   Jeff Green Brings Back A Dr. J Classic With This Reverse Dukot

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