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The Blake Griffin Rampage Continues

Tearing the league a new one, one game at a time
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 18, 2011
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By now, it shouldn't be any secret that Blake Griffin, the former no.1 pick in the 2009 Draft, is a monster. Just ask New York Knicks center Timofey Mozgov, and any of the other NBA players who dared to stand in the path of this runaway freight train. He is a rookie yes, but with the way he's playing right now, you'd have thought he'd been at it for years.

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Today, in another spectacular performance, Griffin (who we earlier planned to dub as Shawn Kemp 2.0, until we realize just how much better he could potentially be) scored 47 points along with 14 boards in an intense match against the Indiana Pacers. Those 47 points were a career high, coming from a variety of hooks, bankshots, jumpers and of course, dunks, while those 14 rebounds gave Griffin his 27th consecutive double-double game.

For the season, he's averaging 21.9 points per game on 51% shooting, 12.7 rebounds a game, and 3.4 assists per game.

Rookie of the Year? We'd say most definitely, unless a certain firestarter of a guard in Washington has something to say about it in the second half of the season. But that's another discussion for another time. So what say you we run down FHM's favorite Blake Griffin dunks  of  his NBA career so far. Watching the man's darned highlights just never get old.

10) Up high, down hard against the Blazers

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Dunk style: Raw, uncivilized power

9) Clear the strip for take-off

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