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The Crappiest Moments In MMA History

Following news of a butt-wipes company wanting to sponsor the fighter who pooped herself
by Andrei Medina | Jul 5, 2017
Photo by UFC's Instagram account
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Social media went wild last week following the UFC fight between Justine Kish and Felice Herrig. The two female fighters went at it for a while and Herrig came out as the victor, but everyone was instead talking about Kish after the bout.

The reason? Well, the Russian-American fighter had an “emergency evacuation” during the fight, where she literally had a crappy accident.

To her credit, Kish made light of her embarrassing moment.

Aside from handling it well, Kish was also able to turn it into a sponsorship opportunity after she started getting numerous offers from butt-wipes companies, Huffington Post reports.

“We think Justine had an awesome attitude about the situation and are discussing a fun way to work together to make light of it,” Sean Riley of Dude Products said.

This isn’t the first time that a fighter has pooped themselves in the middle of a match. Here are other shitty moments in MMA history.

Dark denial

Derek Brunson was actually dominating Yoel Romero early in the fight until Romero landed a hard body blow on Brunson that turned things around. Romero went on to win, but the audience noticed that there was a noticeable dark stain on his backside. Romero denied this was poop, saying that it was actually sweat, but we all know better.

Brown town

It was UFC 180 and the aptly named Humberto Brown was matched up against Gabriel Benitez in the undercard. There was some great action between the fighters but the audience saw, err, something brown and squishy on Humberto’s shorts during the fight.

Where's Mr. Clean when you need him?

It was your regular MMA fight night between Travis Wolford and Daniel Cooper until the latter choked Wolford, which caused him to lose the match and control over his bowel movements. While waiting for Cooper to be announced the winner, bits of fecal matter started dripping from Wolford’s shorts. It’s a good thing Wolford took things well after leaving a massive poop trail inside the octagon.

Now, while all these incidents seem funny, we wouldn’t wish it even on our worst enemies. As Kish puts it, shit happens.


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