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The FHM Waiting Guide

<p>This is going to be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!</p>
| Dec 18, 2009
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The month of December, to many of us, could mean two things: lots of shopping or lots of deadlines. Both include—at least on our part—lots of waiting. [firstpara]
For some unjustifiable reason, the long-time tradition of guys having to wait for their ladies never sat well with us. Being a gentleman is never easy, and maintaining the image of being one is harder. You do what you can to suck it all up and wait for the girl as she finishes her work or shops non-stop, but you can only let them do it to you for so long.

This guide will help you in ways you can never imagine, with different scenarios suited for your own situation. We here at FHM have had our share of waiting woes: in interviews, shoots, even our own girlfriends.

It is with absolute pleasure for us to present to you our very own FHM Waiting Guide. This guide, however, isn’t the most rational thing to practice. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Location: Any mall in Metro Manila
Solution: Create your very own MTV

Times like these, you better bring out your favorite buddy: your iPod. Gadgets are a great way to escape the world for a good hour or two.

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Wear your earphones, pick a song, play it loud, and set your eyes on anyone or anything for the duration of the song. With your very own soundtrack playing in the background, everything you see is a music video playing in your very own channel. You can take it to the next level by going to different spots after every song. Works best at crowded places.

A cool example would be playing “Sana Ngayong Pasko” while watching a middle-aged man eat alone at the food court. It’s a bit harsh, but funny.

Location: Your girlfriend’s house
Solution: Go “Disturbia” on her neighbors

If watching television while waiting doesn’t work for you, then you are in desperate need of other alternatives. This solution however, requires you to have your very own set of binoculars.


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