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The Most Popular Sports Trophies in the World

<p>Familiarize yourselves with Jun, Stanley, Larry, and many more!</p>
| Jan 28, 2010
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With the NBA Play-Offs and the Super Bowl coming real soon, the NBA and NFL—not to mention your fantasy leagues— are at an all-time high. We bet games like NBA 2k10 or Madden 10 are logging in quality time in your game consoles, as well. [firstpara]
It will be a shame not to know the prize everyone’s fighting for. No, we don't mean those fantasy points. We’re talking about the premium gold. We’re talking about the johns of all the johns. We’re talking about…commemorative trophies.

Let’s take a closer look at the trophies that makes all professional players live and breath. Why? because it's the kind of trivia you never know when you'll need.

Jun Bernardino Trophy
The Jun Bernardino Trophy is our very own pride and joy. Named in honor of PBA's former commissioner, the late Jun Bernardino, it is hailed during the PBA All-Filipino Cup Finals.

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With only 3-4 years of existence, PBA teams like Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters and Barangay Ginerba Gin Kings are the recent holders of this trophy.

Designed and created by Filipino National Artist Ramon Orlina, the trophy is made of 14-karat gold and is reportedly worth half-a-million pesos. But there's a catch: Teams can only permanently keep the trophy if they win the Philippine Cup three consecutive times. Otherwise, only a model copy of the award will be given to championship teams.

Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy
Not many people are aware that the Larry O’Brien Trophy and the NBA trophy are one and the same. It is awarded to the NBA team that wins the NBA finals, along with the award for finals MVP.

We might not need to tell you this, but the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have the most number of championship trophies won in the league’s entire history.

Made of 14.5 pounds of sterling silver and vermeil coated with 24-karat gold overlay, the NBA trophy stands around two feet tall. The golden ball-shaped top measures almost the same as an actual basketball. It has an estimated price of $13,500. No wonder NBA players are fighting it out to the extreme every season.

Vince Lombardi Trophy
Professional football might not be as big here as it is in the USA, but it will be a crime not to mention this trophy on this list. Seen as the biggest prize in all of pro-football, 32 NFL teams sacrifice life and limb for the NFL trophy.

After 17 weeks of grueling games for each team, National Football League’s final game is held at the grandest stage of them all – the Super Bowl. Valued at $25,000 and made of sterling silver, the Vince Lombardi trophy stands 22 inches tall and weighs around 7 pounds.

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