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NBA Eastern Semis 2012 Preview

Things are heating up
by Gelo Gonzales | May 12, 2012
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And just like that, the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs is over.

What have we learned so far? For one, losing your star player in the first game of a seven-game series is, by all standards, a sign of bad things to come. Just ask the Bulls. They did what they could—we all saw that—but give credit to the Sixers for taking advantage of the situation.

Now, the boys from Philly, along with the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, and the Indiana Pacers will be advancing to the second round. With the exclusion of the Sixers, those teams go on to the semis as many of you thought, simply by the mere fact that they are higher seeds.

The race should only tighten from here on out. The first round’s always more of a warm-up anyway. So as promised, here now are our predictions for the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

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