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The Playoffs According to your Buddies Part 2

On the western side of things
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 16, 2011
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(1) San Antonio Spurs (61-21) vs. (8) Memphis Grizzlies (46-36)
Regular Season Series: Series tied 2-2

Your hardcore NBA buddy says: “The only downside for the Spurs here is Manu Ginobili being questionable for the series opener, but other than that San Antonio will go past Memphis with relative ease.

The Grizzlies pulled off two wins against the Spurs last March, but that’s because the team was without four of its starters. With the core players back in the line-up, I smell a sweep coming.”

Your eternally optimistic buddy says: “I heard Memphis is yet to win a single playoff game since entering the NBA, but hey, there’s always a first time, right? Zach Randolph has given the Grizzlies a newfound hope by leading the team en route to the Playoffs, and they’re not about to give up now. Everyone’s betting for the Spurs, but a healthy Memphis can make a difference!”

Your buddy who can’t be bothered to explain: Spurs in 5

Your homophobic buddy:Sino diyan si Rudy Gay? I hate his name.”

(2) Los Angeles Lakers (57-25) vs. (7) New Orleans Hornets (46-36)
Regular Season Series: Lakers lead 4-0

Your hardcore NBA buddy says: “The Lakers are bound for a solid start – the schedule is in their favor and the playoff experience is theirs. The Lakers may have to compensate for Andrew Bynum’s recent knee injury, but then again Hornets big man David West is also done for the season. New Orleans has some fight in them, but this will be reminiscent of last year’s LA-OKC duel at the first round.”

Your eternally optimistic buddy says: “Well I think Monty Williams and his squad have a lot to be proud of. New Orleans might be the best at good starts – remember their impressive winning streak during the start of the season? The Lakers are also struggling with consistency, but I’ll never count them out this early. I’m just really excited.”

Your buddy who can’t be bothered to explain: Lakers in 5

Your buddy who tries too hard to let you know he watches basketball too: “Astig si Kobe Bryant, tingin ko siya ang mananalo sa NBA Championships. Kasama na kasi niya yung matangkad eh, di ba? Ano pangalan ulit nun?“

(3) Dallas Mavericks (57-25) vs. (6) Portland Trail Blazers (48-34)
Regular season series: Series tied 2-2

Your hardcore NBA buddy says: “This is the most unpredictable the Playoffs can ever get in the first round. The Mavericks after all have fallen victim to a lower ranked team in the playoffs before. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them choke out another year. Nowitzki though might finally have the supporting cast he’s always needed this year. It’ll be a close series, and this is the best they will ever get, that I’m sure.”

Your eternally optimistic buddy says: “After all the mishaps the Blazers suffered this season, they still come off as a solid contender, all thanks to LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller, and Wesley Matthews. And who’s to forget Brandon Roy? I still believe he’s capable of a big game, and this could be the time to do it. But then again, Dirk and Kidd deserve that title. I just can’t decide, haha!”

Your buddy who can’t be bothered to explain: Mavericks in 7.

Your buddy who can’t stand Mark Cuban: “Fuck Mark, fuck Mavs.”

(4) Oklahoma City Thunder (55-27) vs. (5) Denver Nuggets (50-32)
Regular season series: Thunder lead 3-1

Your hardcore NBA buddy says: “Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins are the two best things that happened to Oklahoma City since Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Everyone’s numbers are up ever since the Perkins trade, but then again so are the Nuggets since the Carmelo trade. Denver is operating on a very deep roster these days, but the Thunder is on a momentum that will not die down until the Spurs or the Lakers.”

Your eternally optimistic buddy says: “I love seeing underdogs win it all, and the Nuggets is a team full of up-and-comers efficient enough to win games. I at least expect Denver to give OKC a run for its money, if not upset them in the first round. Plus, if Nene can overcome cancer, he can surely overcome the Thunder!”

Your buddy who can’t be bothered to explain: Oklahoma City in 6.

Your buddy who religiously plays NBA 2K11 but doesn’t watch actual games: “Denver without ‘Melo only has a rating of 70 plus, so I’m betting on Oklahoma City to nail this thing. Plus, I’m using the Thunder on The Association mode right now.”

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