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The Rise and Fall of Tebowmania: An Infographic

Tebowmania is officially dead
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 2, 2013
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Remember Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback who became a polarizing figure for making it a point to kneel in prayer during games, also known as Tebowing? Less than two years after "Tebowmania" broke out, the 26-year old is now officially without a team, and football analysts believe his NFL career may be over, at least for the time being. They're even saying he is only CFL (Canadian Football League) material at this point. Wait, how did this happen?

To those who haven't been following the sport, here's what's up: Tebow failed to crack the New England Patriots' final depth chart this year, which means he is once again a free agent vying for a job. This after spending the better part of the year being tossed around by several teams, all of which are not entirely sold on his potential as a star. Is it safe to say that Tebowmania is officially over? You bet.

In line with this unfortunate event, join us as we recall the rise and fall of Tim Tebow's NFL career. Don't believe them one bit, kind brother. May you bounce back from this predicament real soon.

Tim Tebow

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