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#NBAPlayoffs2014: The Weekly Recap Week 1

The first week of the 2014 NBA Playoffs is in the books. Here's what you might have missed!    
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 25, 2014
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Yes, it's the most amazing time of the year, basketball brothers! The 2014 NBA Playoffs have begun, where 16 teams engage in a bloody duel to the death for the right to be called the Basketball Chieftain of the World.

Or something to that effect.

We hope you are tuned in, because this year's edition has been pretty darned bombastic. If you haven't, well, thank God we're here to get you up to speed on all the drama, dunks, and on-court suspense of the Playoffs!

Let's get you up-to-date beginning with... 


(1) Pacers Vs. (8) Hawks

The one-sentence recap: A suddenly surging Hawks team starts to smell the rare 1-vs-8 upset  as the Pacers' late-season struggles continue in the Playoffs, leaving the Indiana squad down in a 2-1 hole.

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The Space Jam Memorial For Players That Suddenly Lost Their Talent Award: Roy Hibbert
Last year's Roy Hibbert scared the hell out of LeBron James and the Miami Heat. This year's Roy Hibbert looks like a scared version of himself, with his usefulness negated by Atlanta's elite shooting bigs and a disturbing lack of confidence.

The Indiana Pacer most likely to lose his job if the Pacers lose the series: Frank Vogel
Earlier in the season, Frank Vogel was looking like a Coach Of The Year candidate...and then the rest of NBA season happened. Since the All-Star break in February, Vogel has been looking pretty clueless as to what ails his team.

The latest proof? He was asked if he'll continue to start Roy Hibbert, struggles and all, and said: "We'll see. He’s our anchor. We won 56 games with him as our starter. Probably." Not exactly decisive, are you, Frankie?

And how about this dude from the Hawks?

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(2) Heat Vs. (7) Bobcats

The one-sentence recap: The two-time defending champs (read: not the Bobcats) proceeds with a business-as-usual attitude, and are up 2-0 amid some resistance from the 'Cats. 

The series so far, as told by one photo and a video:

The 'Cats have been trying to play tough...

But the Heat are unfazed...

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The percentage that the Bobcats can suddenly turn this series around, and sweep the next four games:

(3) Raptors Vs. (6) Nets

The one-sentence recap: The upstart Raptors are given a rough Playoffs welcome by the Nets, then the boys from Canada evened the series at 1-1.


Make or break moment coming right up: How will the heady guard play from DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry stand against the upcoming road games in Brooklyn? These young guys need to steal a game to make this into a real series again, but against the vets of Brooklyn? That's easier said than done.

Do we want to see them do it? Of course, because we'd like to see more from this rising star:

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