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FHM's Weekly Mayweather-Pacquiao Update: Floyd Chops Wood, Manny Gets Free Food For Life Offer, And A Million-Dollar Belt!

Another week passes, another serving of the hottest Mayweather-Pacquiao news!
by Raul Maningat | Mar 19, 2015
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Forty-five days away from Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather's colossal encounter, we’ve got no choice but (try) to contain our overflowing excitement for it by delving into every update that comes out from each camp.

In order to make things easier for all of us (like Manny if he can stop Floyd within four rounds) we rounded up the top stories from The Money Team and Team Pacquiao in the past seven days. Check them out before you lose your mind from overly analyzing what’s going to happen on fight-day.

YAY:   Manny makes bold statements on
ESPN: First Take

Just before the #PressConOfTheCentury took place, Manny took time to join esteemed (and crazy) hosts Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless of ESPN’s popular sports talk show First Take. It was there where Manny displayed utmost confidence going into the upcoming superbout.

One thing that stood out among the several notable things The Pambansang Kamao said was that he’s not worried about Floyd at all and that he was more nervous when he fought Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito—fighters he beat the crap out of. The Pacman swore that his belief in himself is truly sincere and not just false pre-fight bravado unlike what we’re so used to seeing and hearing during the promotional stages of a boxing match.

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We don’t know if Manny was just messing with Stephen A., who’s a huge Mayweather supporter, or the Pacman really does see himself destined to be the victor on May 3rd. Whatever the case may be, we like what we heard and the rest of the interview made us laugh out of our seats!

See it for yourselves here:

Video via Espn First Take Channel

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Guillermo invades the Press Con of The Century

Don’t get us wrong, we loved this Jimmy Kimmel comedy bit on the Fight of The Century red carpet. It’s just that we didn’t foresee the funny skit led by Kimmel sidekick Guillermo was going to be more entertaining than Manny and Floyd’s highly anticipated face-off.

The grand, Oscars-inspired, press conference was dull with the combatants, especially Mayweather, on their best behaviors. It was a bit disappointing that a talk show sidekick asking silly questions was one of the better highlights of the whole affair.(Yep, still not over it, fellas.)

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Watch it here:

Video via Jimmy Kimmel

YAY:   USADA conducts its first test with Team Pacquiao

A sign that the road to May 3 is already clear and set to be trod on, Pacquiao gave his first urine and blood samples to the United States Anti-Doping Agency as part of the random drug testing procedure Floyd has demanded for the fight. There have been no problems whatsoever with the process as Pacquiao’s camp has continued to train and prepare since.

See, Floyd, there’s really nothing to worry about—aside from the wrath of Manny’s fists of course.

Full story here.

NAY:   Floyd pays chef $1,000 per meal every day until the fight

Yep, Mayweather is shelling out one grand for every plate his current personal cook is whipping out for him up until the big day. If that holds true, Quiana Jeffries a.k.a. Chef Q will earn a whopping $184,000 in less than two months.

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Chef Q somehow admits that Floyd is overpaying him but, hey, it’s not her fault that her boss is a little insane. Now, we don’t have the right to tell Floyd how to spend his money, but still, it’s hard not to think of his unnecessary, excessive spending as quite stupid especially when he can use his dough to help the less fortunate (aka buying us tickets for the fight.)

Or if not tickets, pakain ka naman, Floyd!

To be fair to Chef Q, her food looks mouthwatering:

The full story here.

YAY:   Manny has found sparring partners!

Rumors swirled that Mayweather’s shady adviser, Al Haymon, has been bribing Pacquiao’s would-be sparring partners not to train with the Pacman. Well, if that has been bugging you, worry no more. Manny has now got six fighters to work with, which includes two hot young prospects, “Speedy” Rashidi Ellis (13W-0L-10KOs) and Kenneth Simms Jr. (5W-0L-2Kos).

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The two 21-year-old amateur standouts are told to be very good at imitating Floyd’s slippery, sneaky, technically sound movements. One other spar-mate is Edis Totli from Finland with a 24W-1L record. Manny has already done five rounds of in-ring workout as of this writing. As for the identities of the other three Pacquiao spar mates, their names are still being kept under wraps.

The full story here.

NAY:   Mayweather posts Rocky Balboa style training

Video via Foodjab

Floyd went online and posted a clip of him chopping wood with a woodcutter's axe—a training regimen meant for building muscles and increasing punching power. Although he did it quite gingerly, it seems like Money-May is sending the message that he’s going for the knockout. Well, we hope he’s not bluffing. As a matter of fact we’re hoping he opens up more than expected on May 3 or at least fight as aggressive as his social media game so that Manny won’t do all the work to make their showdown an exciting one.

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And of course, if Floyd comes to fight it’ll give Manny more openings to score a KO win.

The full story here.

YAY(?):   Floyd has 10 sparring partners for Manny

Despite Floyd’s countless insinuations pertaining to his belief that Manny is not on his level, he seems to be preparing for the power-punching Filipino southpaw pretty intensely. According to Floyd, he’s hired ten sparring partners to help him figure Pacquiao out. “We’ve got 10 different sparring partners in training camp. We’re preparing for many different looks. But last I checked, I fought eight southpaws and I’m still undefeated. When I look at a fighter, I can figure out right away what he does good,” says Floydie.

The best case scenario Pacman fans are rooting for in this is that none of Floyd’s minions would be able to mimic Manny’s immaculate footwork. It could result in Money-May getting the shock of his life when he finally gets in the squared circle with the real Pacquiao.

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One of the "spartners" is former light welterweight champion DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley (42-22-1), who speaks up about sparring with Money-May in a video uploaded by Team Floyd:

Video via Mayweather Boxing Channel

Full story here.

YAY:   A $1 million title belt is up for grabs

Aside from the three world welterweight straps Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will be scrapping for, the two superstars will also battle for a special emerald championship belt crafted by the World Boxing Council. The hardware is reportedly worth $1M and whoever wins on May 3 will have the right to wear it. More than just another item added on the winner’s vast collection of trophies, the emerald belt will symbolize the biggest accomplishment in his illustrious career. 

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Parang mas bagay sa'yo, Manny!  
The full story here.

NAY:   Two undercard fights for May 3 revealed, look underwhelming

The two undercard fights named so far for the May 3 PPV bout are featherweight wizard/WBO champ Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Gamalier Rodriguez and super middleweight top contenders Mike Jimenez vs. Jesse Hart. Nothing against these fighters, but a fight of Pacquiao-Mayweather's magnitude deserves much greater supporting bouts.

Perhaps, Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Nonito Donaire-conqueror Nate “Axe Man” Walters and a bout between super middleweight king Andre Ward and middleweight ruler Gennady Golovkin would fit the billing. (But actually, we just want to see Manny and Floyd get it on, so we’re not going to get too incredibly pissed with the undercards.)

Here's a glimpse at by far the best of the undercard fighters, Lomachenko:

Video via trboxing

YAY:   Gerry’s Grill offers Manny Pacquiao free food for life if he beats Mayweather

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A branch of one of our favorite food and beer places in the world has reportedly announced that it would offer Manny Pacquiao its services for free for the rest of the eight-division champ’s life if he wins on May 3. The food establishment located in Artesia, California was very wise, though, as it clarified that it is only Manny, not his family members nor his rice-eating machine entourage headed by bestie Buboy Fernandez, can enjoy the spoils of eating their delectable meals for free—including CHICKEN ADOBO FOR LIFE.

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