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FHM's Weekly May-Pac Update: Judah Reportedly KOs Floyd, Jordan Clarkson Is A Mayweather Fan, And Floyd Sr. Mocks Freddie

The latest round of pot-shots, declarations of allegiance, and people asking for tickets for the May-Pac fight!
by Raul Maningat | Mar 25, 2015
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Hello again, fight fans!

It looks like you've survived another week waiting for the day Manny and Floyd get to break all of boxing’s monetary records—which is just a little more than a month away but also a little more than a month too long.

How do you stay chill? By checking out the latest edition of our weekly Mayweather-Pacquiao update! Go ahead and find out what’s been recently popping in the camps of the two champions.  

YAY: Pacquiao-Mayweather could be worth more than initial prediction of $400M

With the insane demand for Manny and Floyd’s superbout, ticket prices have soared from $1,500 up to $10,000, with PPV sales expected to take the same route. The welterweight clash is poised to triple the revenue of the Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez fight, currently the highest grossing event in boxing history.

The cash influx has also been boosted by foreign country TV partnerships and ad sponsorships. Solar Entertainment gained the rights yet again to air Manny’s fight in the Philippines, reportedly spending a record $10 million (P440 million) for its troubles. The Fight of the Century also reaped a fortune from Tecate, as the beer company paid an unprecedented amount of $5.2M to be a title sponsor, beating out rival Corona.

In short, we'll be seeing more pictures like the one above from Mayweather
Image via Mayweather's Instagram account)

As the dollar value rises, the pressure for the actual fight to match expectations rise with it. We hardly care about all those zeroes on those checks though. The only zero we care about is the one on Mayweather's record, and it being replaced with a "1" after the fight.

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NAY: Mayweather crushes Zab Judah in sparring

The Mayweather camp has again claimed how much Mayweather is looking like a beast in training. According to his Uncle Jeff, Floyd almost destroyed one of his more famous sparring partners, former undisputed welterweight champ Zab Judah.

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Nothing's changed since their meeting almost a decade ago
(Image via

"It seemed like Floyd had something personal against him. He beat the [bleep] out of him. So then he quit, he let Judah off the hook, because Judah's got a fight coming up and he messed his eye up." Really? Floyd is a punching machine/knockout artist now? We’re not buying it. And if he did thrash Judah, so what? Put Zab in front of Manny and we assure you the Pacman will do him far worse.

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YAY: Zab Judah crushes Mayweather in sparring

Image via

Yup, you're reading that correctly. In a shocking turn of events, Mayweather was allegedly knocked out with a body shot by Judah during a sparring session. The report, which came out first in says that Money was unable to stand up for the 10-count, which technically meant he was knocked out—a first for Mr. 47-0 whether in sparring or a real match.

Is this a ploy to get Manny Pacquiao to rest easy? Or has Mayweather truly slipped? If the report is indeed true, seeing Floyd floored is cause for celebration around here.

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YAY: Puerto Rican barber does Pacquiao-Mayweather haircuts

Images via TMZ

The Fight of the Century’s worldwide appeal has reached a hair show in Puerto Rico. A "hair portrait" specialist named Anthony shaved the faces of the American superstar and the Filipino southpaw onto a guy’s dome as his showpiece. It’s really cool, and we're crazy for the fight, but not enough that we'll etch our domes with a Pacquiao-Mayweather hair-do!

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NAY: Pacquiao adviser Koncz gets upset as Mayweather rejects $5M fine for positive drug test

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One of Manny’s lead advisers, Michael Koncz, recently made the headlines, implying that Team Pacquiao is upset at Mayweather’s refusal to their proposal of issuing a $5M fine for a failed drug test. It was a bad look for the Pacquiao camp as it was later revealed that the hefty fine is pretty much unnecessary.

The USADA, the world-renowned doping watchdogs who will test both fighters before and after the fight, made it clear that the punishment for a positive result is far more severe than $5M. A fighter caught cheating will face a four-year ban from prizefighting—an exile that would ultimately end any of the two boxer’s careers. Not to mention endless ridicule from around the world for ruining the most highly anticipated boxing match of all time.

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YAY: Ex-NFL star Tim Tebow pays Manny a visit 

The Pacman was in high spirits after former college football and NFL star Tim Tebow visited him at the Wild Card Gym. Tim was born in Manila in 1987 when his Baptist parents were doing missionary work and even spent some time living in General Santos City. Aside from that link, the two athletes are both devout Christians. Freddie Roach usually tries to limit visitors coming to see Manny train but he liked the energy Tebow brought to the gym.  

Video via ESPN First Take

"It was an unbelievable scene," said Roach. "Tim Tebow is a great competitor, a standup guy who embraces his responsibility for being a good role model. He and Manny shared a lot. It was terrific."  Mr. Tebow, we implore you to pray hard for Manny to win. Thanks! 

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NAY: Floyd releases the sequel to "Floyd Chopping Wood" video

It’s two minutes longer than the initially released clip. It has better editing and cinematography. It features two muscular bodyguards doing some lifting for Floyd.

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Video via eljulianis

Is Manny supposed to get scared seeing Floyd doing strength exercises?

All Floyd's going to get for his dire efforts to intimidate are responses like this (skip to 4:00):

Video via Video via ABS-CBN News

YAY: Freddie Roach offers witty retort to Mayweather’s $1,000-a-plate meals

Image via

Thank goodness Team Pacquiao’s got Coach Freddie taking care of the trash-talking because we all know Manny won’t do it. The seven-time Trainer of the Year responded to news of Chef Q’s $1,000 meals for Floyd in typical WWE fashion: “I hope she knows how to make crow and soft foods palatable because after he faces Manny that is all Mayweather will be eating.” Roach continued, “I’ve read that Chef Q will be preparing meals high in protein which is perfect because Floyd is going to be eating a lot of ‘Leather a la Manny’ and it will be served piping hot. Thousand dollar meals, give me a break. Floyd is getting his just desserts on May 2.”

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NAY: Ariza and Mayweather, clicking

Reports have come out that Manny’s former strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza and Floyd Mayweather are developing a pretty formidable chemistry. The Money team has been saying that the changes in Floyd’s training regimen brought by Ariza are already paying dividends, especially with Money-May’s power-punching.

Whether The Money Team’s statements are true or not, it’s a bit bugging that an ex-Team Pacquiao insider is now working closely with Floyd, strategizing for May 3. What’s calming, though, is that Manny seems to not even be thinking about it the slightest bit (skip to 2:35):

Video via ABS-CBN News

YAY: The official poster for the Fight of the Century is out 

It’s getting nearer and nearer, people. We officially want to thank whoever made this poster for providing additional excitement and making the wait harder for us to bear. You bastard!

NAY: Mayweather Sr. delivers low blow comments to Freddie Roach

Image via

Freddie had thrown verbal jabs at Floyd Sr., saying how his brother Roger Mayweather does a much better job coaching Li'l Floyd than him. Money-May’s dad countered Manny’s trainer with vitriolic words that hit way below the belt:

“Freddie, you have the problem, not me. Why are you not training all of your fighters anymore? Why do other people have to hold the mitts and speak for you. How can you be a trainer when you can't even hold the mitts. You ain't talking about shit. Nobody knows what you're saying anyway.”

The elder Mayweather was likely taking a shot at Freddie’s Parkinson’s disease as he claimed that the Wild Card Gym headmaster can no longer do the mitts and give clear instructions to his wards. Well, we had the privilege to watch Coach Freddie in action last November when the Pacquiao camp was preparing for Chris Algieri and we must say, we saw no signs of the trainer slowing down. It would be great if Manny learns of Mayweather Sr.’s extra harsh tongue-lashings aimed at his mentor. It could get the Pacman real fired up, giving him extra motivation to kick ass on fight day.

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NAY: No tickets/compensation yet for the waiter who helped make The Fight of the Century happen

It was reported numerous times that it was a part-time waiter at a place in California called Craig’s who set up the meeting that started the ball rolling for the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations. But did anyone know that the waiter we should all be thanking is also an actor? His name is Gabriel Salvador, an actor on the TV series Bones.

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Image via

It appears that he has yet to benefit from his part in making the Fight of the Century happen. Perhaps, a couple of complimentary tickets for Gabriel wouldn’t be too bad.

"My participation was one percent of putting things together," says Mr. Salvador. "I'd love to go to the fight, maybe bring my son.”

HBO, Showtime, Top Rank, pagbigyan niyo na!

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YAY: Hulk Hogan predicts the winner...sort of

Image via

WWE legend Terry “Hulk” Hogan got into the Mayweather-Pacquiao hoopla by sharing his prediction to ESPN. Mr. Hulkamania changed his mind a number of times before saying that the welterweight unification battle will purposely end in a draw in order to make more money in the rematch. Well, we’ve got news for you, Brother Hulk Hogan! You’re not making much sense because professional boxing doesn’t work the same way as professional wrestling...

Or does it?

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NAY: Fil-Am NBA baller Jordan Clarkson is a Mayweather fan

Image via

After Kobe went down and out for the season, Lakers rookie PG Jordan Clarkson’s playing time increased, and he’s making the most out of it. Born to a Filipina mother, J.C. is quite popular within the Filipino community here and abroad. His play has yet to disappoint his growing fan base but his choice of favorite boxer is not what you might’ve expected.

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