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Timothy Bradley Finally Hangs Up His Gloves

Should Pacquiao follow suit?
by Andrei Medina | Aug 8, 2017
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Five-time world champion Timothy Bradley, Jr. has announced that he is finally hanging up his gloves for good after a successful 23-year run in the world of boxing.

The 33-year-old Bradley, who is best known by Pinoys for his controversial win against hometown hero Manny Pacquiao, made the heartfelt announcement on social media.

“There always comes a point in life where we have to make choices that no matter how much we know the right option, it still leaves us filled with mixed emotions. I have spent the past couple days trying to find the right words to describe this point in my life and no matter how long I sit and reflect, I still don't know if these words can do my thoughts justice, but I'm going to do my best to open up my heart and share with all of you during this pivotal time,” he said.

According to the man known inside the ring as the 'Desert Storm,' he has already sacrificed a lot for boxing but will be giving up the sport he loves for something far greater.

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“Yes I missed holidays, birthdays, even missed hearing some of my children's first words but more than time, it took my blood, sweat and tears, all things I can never get back. Which is why turning the page for me is bittersweet. That once in a lifetime purpose to wake up everyday and give 100% is now fueled towards something else—my family,” he said.


“I find my strength in them, my peace and most importantly, unconditional love. I wake up wanting to spend all my time being a father, being a husband and being free,” he added.

Bradley also expressed gratitude to his supporters who’ve been there for him through thick and thin. “I can never find the words to convey how much I appreciate all of you and how truly humbled I am by the unconditional support the past 23 years, Thank you. Thank you for cheering me on when I didn't deserve it, loving me most when I needed it and for being my heartbeat to keep going day after day. I am the man I am today because of you all.” 

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He exits the boxing stage having 37 professional fights with 33 victories, only 2 losses—both of which come from Pacquiao—and a draw. His last fight was in April 2016, when he faced and eventually lost to Pacquiao to close out their series in classic trilogy fashion.

Bradley’s fans don’t have to worry too much though since he plans to remain in boxing as a commentator. You might've actually seen him in action before, when he joined the likes of ESPN’s Stephen Smith during the Pacquiao-Horn fight last month.


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