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Green Archers vs. Growling Tigers: Two Fanboys Hate and Debate!

It's always personal
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 1, 2013
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The opening game of the UAAP Finals series between the De La Salle Green Archers and the UST Growling Tigers is still a night's sleep away, yet both teams' most avid supporters are already neck and neck in making their respective cases as to which team will win this season's coveted crown.

Take for example, FHM staffers and collegiate basketball fanboys Mikey Agulto and Neps Firmalan, whom we caught on the brink of slitting each other's throats the other night. One is a die-hard Tomasian; the other, a green-blooded La Sallian. They were good friends and colleagues before this, but the events following last week's UAAP Final Four (one that resulted to UST and La Salle bagging their respective finals spots) brought them into this predicament, and they have since declared F.O. (friendship over) on each other. As far as school pride goes, it's always personal.

In fairness to these two, there might be a few useful analysis resting underneath all this idiocy. Below are some of the hurtful things uttered and heard during last night's debate:

UAAP Finals

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