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UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen Preview

<p>There are 5 ways Chael Sonnen is better than middelweight champ Anderson Silva</p>
| Aug 5, 2010
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Anyone familiar with Chael Sonnen, the 33-year old MMA fighter from Portland, Oregon, must at least have an idea what the guy has been doing for the past few months: making a living out of trashing his UFC 117 opponent Anderson Silva.[firstpara]
UFC 117, of course, is Chael Sonnen’s first and perhaps only shot at winning the UFC Middleweight Championship belt.

And that champion Anderson Silva – 30 wins and 4 losses (10-0 UFC) – is the most hated man in the sport right now.

How these two got entangled in the mix was a big mystery to MMA fans, but given Sonnen’s tactless approach going into Sunday’s bout, we’re all expecting Anderson Silva to have a handful come fight night.

Sonnen is the obvious underdog and Silva is the definite aggressor, but what Chael can and cannot do is really not up to us.

The man demands an awful lot of attention, and with the way he’s been the past few fights, he could be walking the talk this Sunday.

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Sonnen, with a record of 24 wins and 10 losses, is not much of a threat to his division but his knack for insulting even the most untouchable ones, Silva included, is pretty impressive. He has made a name for himself for trash talking, and funny as it may seem, people love hearing it from him. 

And Anderson Silva is: the absolute worst at trash talking, unfortunately. Blame it on his lack of English know-how, and the fact that his manager, Ed Soares, does most of the talking for him. Anderson however has a habit of laughing everything off, which sometimes irritates opponents.

Sonnen Sound Bite:
"He’s a grown man with earrings. He’s a grown man with saggy pants, pink t-shirts and crooked hats. Go join a gang. They go make the little action figures and the two little kids that bought them, are probably pretty upset, their parents probably thought it was Quinton Jackson when they bought it and the kids had a disappointing Christmas I would imagine.”

Sonnen can go the distance, all right. He hasn’t had a KO finish ever since coming to the UFC. But his inability to finish quickly also suggests his experience in enduring long fights. He can also wear people out, which may not be applied to the champion, but nonetheless efficient.

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And Anderson Silva is: proving he can go the distance only now. In 10 UFC fights, Silva has only gone the distance twice – just his last two fights, in fact. Both turned out to be extremely one-sided and had no impact on Silva’s stamina. Frankly, he could have ended it much sooner if he chooses to. 

Sonnen Sound Bite:
“In 25 minutes, it's a matter of who is tougher, who can stand out there and go harder for a longer amount of time. Who can be hurt and stay in the fight anyway. Who's going to get tired and stay in the fight anyway? That's really it.”

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