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UFC 142: Five Awesome Moments!

It's like Quiapo day out there
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 16, 2012
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UFC 142, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last Sunday, contained some of the most angas-filled finishes we've seen in a long time: scream-inducing knockouts by Jose Aldo and Edson Barbosa, notable submission wins by Rousimar Palhares and Vitor Belfort, and bittersweet victories from Mike Pyle and Erick Silva. You can catch it on replay on Balls Channel 34!

That said, five awesome moments will be the subject of rich discussions among fight fans in the coming week. Topics that we believe will be trending on MMA forums in the following days, on the gallery below:

1. The one where Jose Aldo started a crowd riot
We're not sure which is crazier: Aldo dropping Mendes with a shocking knee to the face a mere second left in the first round or the champion sprinting outside the Octagon en route to a 5-minute audience moshpit. All the same, we have never seen a crowd erupt as it did before. The look of bouncers upon seeing Jose Aldo dive into a sea of insanely happy Brazilians: priceless.

2. The one where Palhares scored another submission win
Mike Massenzio found himself on the receiving end of a rarely seen heel hook, courtesy of Brazilian submission specialist Rousimar Palhares, who is fast gaining notoriety for being a monster on the ground. It only took Palhares barely more than a minute to make his opponent tap, strengthening arguments that the middleweight division is the most diverse weight class in the UFC.

3. The one where Mike Pyle got heavily booed...for winning
Maybe it's because he's the lone fighter to score a victory over a Brazilian, we're not entirely certain how it all came to be. Pyle earned the TKO win over Ricardo Funch in a span of 82 seconds, but basically got booed out of the arena afterwards. His "I love Brazil" taunt at the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan came to no avail as well. They think he's a killjoy. Aww.

4. The one where Barbosa landed a kick straight out of Tekken
Any momentum Terry Etim may have coming into this bout went far out the arena when Edson Barbosa knocked him out cold with a never-before-seen and tightly-landed spinning wheel kick in the third round. The Brit fell to the mat shell-shocked, which admittedly, scared us shitless for a few moments. Thank God Etim exited the Octagon alive and just a bit unwell, but Barbosa - whew, you're the man.

5. The one where Anthony Johnson learned his lesson
Anthony "Rumble" Johnson learned three things coming out of RIo de Janeiro: (1) Switching back up to 185 lbs isn't as easy as it sounds; (2) Vitor Belfort's got his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mojo back on track; and (3) Dana White is sick and tired of him exceeding his weight limit. Johnson was officially released from the UFC after the fight, having missed weight for the third time. We're not worried - he'll be back.

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