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The Most Unbelievable Excuses By Athletes Caught Using Drugs

This is how some world-class athletes got creative
by FHM Staff | May 28, 2018
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In the ultra-competitive world of professional sports, every athlete is looking for that leg up over the competition. And while there are many who do it through hard work and discipline, there are those that fall on the wayward path and opt for more “artificial” solutions. It is widely believed that the use of performance-enhancing drugs has infected every professional sports league, with the percentage of those getting caught extremely low. For those that have been caught, however, the excuses range from the unapologetic to the downright ridiculous.

Gil Roberts

Sport: Track & Field

Drug: Probenecid

Excuse: In 2017, the American track star tested positive for Probenecid, a banned diuretic that is commonly used to hide other banned substances like steroids. Roberts’ excuse was that he got the Probenecid in his system by kissing his girlfriend, Alex Salazar, who was prescribed Moxylong (which contains 500mg of Probenecid) to treat a sinus infection. Fortunately for Roberts, he was exonerated by the American Arbitration Association who believed his innocence and lack of malice.

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Mark Bosnich

Sport: Soccer

Drug: Cocaine

Excuse: The former Chelsea goalkeeper was busted, testing positive for cocaine back in 2002. His excuse was that he was only teaching his wife a lesson and went on to say that “I told her that for every line of cocaine she took, I would take two, and that’s exactly what I did.” Unfortunately, he took his lessons a little too seriously as he admitted to a cocaine addiction later on.


Dennis Mitchell

Sport: Track & Field

Drug: Testosterone

Excuse: When Olympic Gold Medalist Dennis Mitchell was caught with unusually high levels of testosterone in 1998, he simply said that that it was because he had five beers and sex with his wife the night before he was tested. And just to show that he’s really just a good husband, he was quoted saying “It was her birthday, the lady deserved a treat!”

Tyler Hamilton

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Sport: Cycling

Drug: Blood Doping

Excuse: A teammate of the legendary cyclist (and fellow doper) Lance Armstrong, Hamilton was on his way to becoming another American cycling superstar himself until he got busted for blood doping. Although the use of PEDs in cycling is nothing new, Hamilton’s excuse was a bit novel as he blamed the foreign blood in his system on a “vanishing twin” whose blood he absorbed before birth. Unfortunately, his argument failed to convince the authorities.


Members of the Women’s Soccer Team of North Korea

Sport: Soccer

Drug: Steroids

Excuse: During the 2011 World Cup, five members of the NoKor Women’s Soccer team tested positive for steroids. Their trainer's creative explanation was that the five athletes were struck by lightning so they were forced to administer oriental remedies to cure them. Suffice it to say, the team was banned from competing in the next World Cup.

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LaShawn Merritt

Sport: Track & Field

Drug: DHEA and Pregnenolone

Excuse: The 400m Olympic champion acknowledged that he committed a “foolish, immature, and egotistical mistake” as he failed three drug tests. The culprit he says is a drug called ExtenZe, which is an over the counter penis enhancement medication. He would go on to say that “Any penalty I may receive for my actions will not overshadow the embarrassment and humiliation I feel inside.”


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