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URCC 25: Takeover Is The Best Hangover Cure For That Donaire Beatdown

Are you still reeling from Donaire's terrible loss last weekend? Doctor-turned-MMA-champion Angelito Manguray and the rest of the URCC 25: Takeover fighters want to help you forget!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 21, 2014
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We’re itching to punch someone. Like really, really hard. After seeing one of our favorite fighters in Nonito Donaire get chopped down like a tree in his match against Jamaica’s Nicholas Walters, the fight-lust inside us is at a fever pitch.

Seeing though that it might be illegal to actually punch someone in the face without getting a stern reprimand from The Man, we looked for the next best thing: watching other guys beat up one another. Lucky for us, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) has exactly what the doctor ordered!

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On October 23, 2014, URCC, the first and longest running professional mixed martial arts tournament in the Philippines and the Southeast Asia, returns. The MMA league founded in 2002 by the “Father of Philippine Mixed Martial Arts,” Alvin Aguilar, invades the Mall of Asia Arena at 7 p.m. to present their explosive fights for URCC 25: Takeover.

The fact that URCC 25 is their last bout offering for the yeara night with ten fights on the cardmakes it something that no self-respecting Pinoy MMA fan would want to miss. Get the beer ready, crack your knuckles, and march over to MOA for an evening of fights.

Need more reasons to take part in this awesome night of Pinoy MMA? Let’s check out the big fighters of the cards, and see what they can bring to the table!

1)   Skull-crushing knockouts from heavy, loaded fists

Filipino Knockout King Caloy "Bad Boy" Baduria, a 5'7", 189-pound beast will attempt to live up to his nickname in his light heavyweight bout against debuting Mark Palomar of Lomibao Hyper MMA.

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Boss Caloy (8-4-1) is regarded as a K.O. King because he can really lay on the pounding:

Video from barry del rosario

But while Baduria has more of a Beau Belga-type physique, his opponent Palomar has a more ripped profile. We guess these boys aren't about to go down without a fight:

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