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Watch Boxers Get Beaten To A Pulp By Invisible Opponents

Giving new meaning to the term 'shadow boxing'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 17, 2016
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Nothing compares to the sight of two boxers slugging it out in the middle of the ring.

The forceful exchange of blows between fighters giving their all to knock each other out always makes for compelling entertainment, no matter the amount of punishment being thrown around.

Although apparently, one pugilist is enough to demonstrate the excruciating level of pain involved in a boxing match.

Artist Paul Pfieffer has been flawlessly editing out boxers from clips of well-known matches, leaving a riveting spectacle of the one at the receiving end of all the abuse.

And mind you, this isn't your ordinary shadow boxing session. These are actual commercial slug-fests, with major players such as James Kirkland and Miguel Cotto in the mix.


A couple more of Manny Pacquiao's antagonists made it into the deplorable list as well.


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