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WATCH: Japanese UFC Fighter Hits On Red Dela Cruz During Weigh-In

Red's charms goad UFC fighter to make Japanese-style <em>pabebe</em> wave.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 28, 2015
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Not a lot of men can resist the charm of Red dela Cruz—especially not this guy, Teruto Ishihara, a Japanese MMA fighter duking it out in the featherweight division of the UFC.

During the weigh-ins for UFC Fight Night 75 on September 25, Ishihara couldn't help but stop and wave to the FHM favorite and UFC ring girl.


The 24-year-old Ishihara is known to be quite the ladies' man. In the ABS-CBN report where we first saw the clip, the fighter from Osaka, Japan hasn't been shy to admit that he got into the fight game in order to "attract good-looking girls from around the world.” 

And Red is firmly in that category. To be fair to Ishihara, we'd have probably done the same if we came across Red in the mall or somewhere.

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