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What an EPIC Sports Weekend, That Was!

Pacquiao, Kobe, Nadal, and the concept of sports itself - EPIC
by Mikey Agulto | May 9, 2011
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One strong, potent word to point up the number of sports events we’ve been gripping this month would be EPIC.

Novak Djokovic upsetting Rafael Nadal at the Madrid Open final, for one. Talk N’ Text beating Ginebra to secure another PBA Championship would be another. Derrick Rose winning MVP. Randy Couture retiringMighty Manny defeating shameful Shane Mosley to an easy decision.

And then there’s the basketball version of EPIC called the NBA Playoffs, culminating 6 month’s worth of an ever-so-emotional season that includes the ‘Melo trade, the Blake show, and the Jerry Sloan fiasco, just to name a few.

The Playoffs is what makes The Decision worth it, why Joe Johnson took home a maximum contract, and where the Rondos are separated from the Calderons. But more than anything, the Playoffs is the home of miracles, sweeps, comebacks, and upsets – all things EPIC.

With a little help from Nike, we pay reverence to a number of EPIC things the NBA Playoffs has to offer, inspired upon witnessing performances from the likes of Bryant, James, and Durant.

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