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Who Should The Lakers Choose To Sign With A Max Contract?

This is what you call a 'good problem'
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 5, 2018
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Ever since Magic Johnson decided to take office for the Los Angeles Lakers management, things have been in the up-and-up. Their front office seems to be firing on all cylinders, making good decision after good decision for the team. Who would’ve thought that The King would eventually rule the City of Angels? And now he is—how cool is that?

The most recent move by management was the buyout of Luol Deng. We’re not going to get into all the details except one: the fact that this helped clear $38 million in salary cap space for the 2019 free agency. This is more ingenious than you think. Not only did the Lakers free up some of their budget, but they also freed up a spot in their roster. If you put those two together, they have the money to sign a superstar-caliber talent to fill in their empty slot.

Now here are some of the top stars that the Lakers may have their eyes on come the 2019 free agency. Imagine working alongside Magic Johnson, who would you pick to team up with Bron and the new Lakeshow?

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DeMarcus Cousins

His $5.3 million deal with the Golden State Warriors is only good for one year, and that opens up a lot of possibilities if he re-signs with the Warriors or try the free agency pool again and maybe sign with the Lakers. He and Anthony Davis were solid last season, forming the NBA’s best frontcourt. The only dilemma about signing Cousins is his intense personality and the Achilles injury he’s still recovering from. But as long as he can keep himself in check and properly band together with the team he’s in, he can potentially transform an otherwise good team into a better and solid force.

Jimmy Butler

While Jimmy Butler really wanted to play for the TWolves to reunite with former coach Tom Thibodeau, he kept clashing with the pups (yes, the young talent) of Minnesota. If the Lakers are going to need a backup for LeBron, Butler is definitely the player to get. He’s more competitive than your mom on your graduation. He has unlimited energy on the floor and can bang bodies with the best players in the league.

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Kevin Durant

Imagine the two greatest small forwards in the game right now in one team. Yes, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because they’ll probably try to outscore each other every game. But if they did find a way to win as a unit with the rest of the team, they could potentially become unstoppable. LeBron could move to the four spot and still dominate. He could drive to the basket, attracting the defense towards him as a result, and kick out to Durant for easy perimeter and three-point shots. Damn, what a tandem that could be.

Kawhi Leonard

Another combination of the best threes, Kawhi and LeBron can totally dominate. Unlike a KD and LBJ tandem, these two can co-exist because Kawhi, despite being an MVP-worthy talent, doesn’t have a lot of ego. Kawhi is a tireless all-around defender and scorer, so LeBron won’t be needing to tire himself every game just to get a W.

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Klay Thompson

What the Lakers lack right now is a straight-up deadeye from beyond the arc and just about anywhere on the floor that can help LeBron score. Sure, we all know Ball, Stephenson, Ingram, Kuzma, and Hart are by no means terrible shooters. But these are relatively young players, and we can all agree they’re not all as good as Klay Thompson. Bringing Thompson over to the Lakers will mean a significant hole will be made in the lineup of the Bay Area. That equals to a bigger chance of reaching the top of the Western Conference. It won’t be overnight, sure, but the combination of Klay and LeBron will be perfect to dominate on offense.

Whoever the Lakers plan to sign, we’re pretty confident they’ll make the best decision for the team and the franchise. 

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