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FIFA World Cup 2014 Final Preview: It's Argentina Vs. Germany!

The Germans and the Argentinians are on a collision course! Prepare for one final match for all the World Cup 2014 bragging rights! But first, a preview!
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 12, 2014
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If you've been following the 2014 FIFA World Cup, then we really don't need to tell you anything other than this:

Our finalists: Argentina and Germany
Game time:
3 a.m., Monday, July 14 (Manila time)
The target: the 2014 FIFA World Cup

You already know how both teams got to the biggest stage in international football. You might even know who would win if their WAGs battled for "The Prettiest" crown. 

However, we understand that some of you lead lives that don't revolve entirely on sporting events. Our bad. We also understand that you don't really disdain sports; you just don't have the time to watch every game and read every article. That's why you're here; you want to be kept updated.

FHM does you a biggie and share with you the essentials about the upcoming final match of the World Cup—you know, who's the best player, ano drama, the history involved, that kind of stuff. 

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A crash course on the biggest football game of the year awaits for you below, bro!


World Cup titles: 1978, 1986

Top scorer: Lionel Messi (4)

Team goals: 7

Argentina is still all about getting Messi his World Cup and the “true legend” billing that comes with it. Who else is even worth talking about in the Argentina squad? Leo’s performance in the semis with Netherlands was kind of a no-show, but he didn’t choke when it mattered and converted Argentina’s first penalty with aplomb.

world cup finals

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The rest of the semis game was a total borefest, but the Germans surely aren’t going to camp out on their defense like the Dutch–meaning Messi might have the freedom to actually play for the first time since the Nigeria game in the group stage.

Dramatic sub-plot: With a battle history that began in 1914, Argentina winning the cup on Brazil’s home soil would be equivalent to your fiercest rival (at work, in DoTA, etc.) coming into your house and eating your lunch while you’re forced to watch. Can you imagine what a smug asshole Argentina can be to Brazil for, like, the next 100 years?

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