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Zach Lavine Defies Gravity With 360 Dunk From Free-Throw Line

To all those saying Aaron Gordon was robbed, this one's for you
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 25, 2016
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Looks like the reigning slam dunk champion is in All-Star Weekend form.

We aren't sure how we missed this, but apparently, a few days ago Zach Lavine pulled off his most jaw-dropping jam so far.

Captured by Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Andrew Wiggins on Snapchat, Lavine effortlessly took off from the free-throw line and did a 360-degree spin before rocking the rim.


Just like a shoutout to all those saying Aaron Gordon was robbed.

Watch and doubt Newton's law of universal gravitation:

In the words of NBA color commentator Kevin Harlan, "We just saw a man fly!"


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