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#LaVineOrLaVince: Who's The Better Dunker?

Is Zach LaVine in the same air as Vince Carter?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Feb 17, 2015
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After Zach LaVine's spectacular performance at the 2015 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, people have begun comparing the high-flying Minnesota Timberwolves rookie to one of the game's best dunkers (or maybe even the GOAT dunker of all time), Vince Carter.

This Vine is the closest we can get to pitting these two high-flyers. We all know that a dunk-off between the two will never ever come close to fruition unlike that one match we know.

But unlike Vince, who faced stiff competion during the 2000 Dunk Contest (dubbed by many as the best dunk contest ever) in Steve Francis and his cousin, Tracy McGrady, Zach only faced one notable opponent—or rather just one dunk—during last Sunday's event.

With only Orlando Magic's Victor Oladipo and his cool 540 dunk giving LaVine a (minute) scare, we can say that it wasn't much of a competition.  

Vinsanity, however, had to beat opponents who threw down like these:

Video via Swove2204

Video via Swove2204

So, this got us wondering: Does Zach's walk-in-the-park dunk victory looked really easy because his skills was far too superior against his competition? Or does he really belong in the same air as Vinsanity? Lastly, who will win between the two of them in a made-in-heaven dunk contest?

With the power of GIFS, and using their respective dunk arsenals, let's compare!


Zach LaVine: Bounce Pass Between-the-legs

Vince Carter: THE Reverse 360 Windmill Slam


LaVine: Behind-The-Back Wrap-Around

Carter: Behind-The-Backboard Slamma-Jamma


LaVine: Between-The-Legs Via A Hand-Off Pass

Carter: Between-The-Legs Off A High Bounce Pass (aka The "It's Over" Dunk)


LaVine: Off-The-Beam Between-The-Legs Smash

Carter: The Honey Dip Dunk

BONUS: Vinsanity's Two Handed Dunk (A Little Over) From The Free Throw Line

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