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The Best Anime Art Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Visual goodness to add color to your dreary feed
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 8, 2018
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We're guessing these are all present on your feed right now: friends and family, sexy selfies, travelgrams, food posts, car porn, sports memes, memes in general, @fhmphilofficial, shoefies, more sexy selfies and ass posts, and damn ads, of course. It can get a bit same-y after a while, right? So we recommend getting some art on your IG—and not weird art that no one can understand, but some anime aesthetic.


Hong Kong native Artgerm is known for creating lush portraits of all your favorite babes.

Ilya Kuvshinov

A Russian based in Tokyo, Ilya's work is airy and refreshing on the eyes—perfect for breaking up your feed in a good way.

Kubori Kikiam

Remember Culture Crash? Those manyak pieces of street food from Kubori Kikiam are still at it and still very green-minded, of course.


Local illustrator Miguel Mercado often applies his painterly style to your favorites muses from films, games, and comics. Art indeed.

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The hyper-detailed pieces of the Toronto-based Avery Kua are the sort of grams you stare at closely and make you wish zooming in on mobile wasn't such a pain.



If you're into mecha and robotic motifs, the aesthetic of Malaysian concept artist Johnson Ting is a double tap.


Another Culture Crash legend, Elmer's anime style is classic and timeless.


Remember DeviantArt? Well, Pixiv is the Japanese version of that, except it's a nightmare to navigate being totally non-English. Good thing there's Pixivs, which curates the best of the site and provides proper credits—always credit reposts, fam!

???????? ???? ??

This account often veers into NSFW territory but if you're feeling like some T&A action, come through. You won't regret it.

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