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10 Of The Most Memorable Anime Ending Songs Ever

It's not just opening tracks that gave us LSS!
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 9, 2018
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The beginning of an anime's ED or ending track usually signals sadness and a long wait until the next episode—a starkcontrast to the excitement fans feel when the first bars of their favorite OP finally pump through the speakers. The best bangers are usually reserved for intros, but there were also a lot of great ending songs that made you want to watch until the very last second and not just zone out until the next episode preview and "???" pops up on screen.

Maki Ohguro - Anata Dake Mitsumeteru (Slam Dunk)

This anime has a legendary OP that goes well when dubbed onto any sort of basketball compilation, but it also had an equally hype ED with an iconic opening shot.

LSS line: "Ai no HIGH TENSION"

Siam Shade - 1/3 no Junj? na Kanj? (Samurai X)

Samurai X has several quality OP's and ED's, but the best ending has to go to this rock track, which you no doubt sang along to after finding the lyrics in some bootleg anime booklet from 2RATS.

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LSS line: "Give me smile and shine days"

Bonnie Pink - It's Gonna Rain! (Samurai X)

This theme played before 1/3 and had a very different aural vibe from the usual anime soundtrack we were used to. It was memorable not just because of that, but because it was also a solid bop.

LSS line: "Chao, chao~"

Jason Paige - Pokemon Theme Song (Pokemon)

Was the Pokerap the ending song? Nope, the OP and ED of Pokemon was the exact same track and we have absolutely no problem with that. It's was so good you didn't mind hearing it twice!

LSS line: The entire thing

Miwaku Okuda - Shizuku (GTO)

Who knew that a romp like GTO would have such an emotional ED? But maybe we shouldn't actually be surprised because of all the touching and heartfelt moments that anime had in between all the pervy and comedic stuff.

LSS line: Hateshinai toki no naka de jibun ni nani ga dekiru

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Shifo from UNIVERS?L D - Real (Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure)

If any track would make you feel like a mopey anime male protagonist, this would do it. Chances are Dual! is also one of those animes you watched but didn't really remember until now. A double dose of rainy day melancholic feels ahead!

LSS line: "Kikoete iru yo, todoite iru yo..."

Yumi Matsuzawa - Kyou Kara Ashita e (Gatekeepers)

This track's chorus sounds so familiar, but we can't place it. Or maybe it's just latent memories of attempting to belt it out in our youth. Also raise your hand if you memorized that salute to go with "Roger, A.E.G.I.S.!"

LSS line: Kinou kara kyou e, kyou kara asu e to

Home Made Kazoku - Thank You! (Bleach)

Good luck keeping up with some Japanese rap! Just like how you need good luck to finish the 300+ episodes of Bleach!

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LSS line: Appreciation no kimochi wo todoke

Atsumi Saori - Mou Sukoshi (Midori Days)

Weird concept, but this quirky anime had one of those soothing ED's that eased you out into the real world again with its peaceful intro and Saori's chill vocals.

LSS line: Soshite kizuita toki ni

Kohmi Hirose - Groovy! (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Will you admit that you watched a "girly" anime like Cardcaptor Sakura? Because we sure did. This ED just has so much pep and positive energy like the show.

LSS line: *snaps along with the intro*

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