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9 Weeb-Approved Anime For Every Kind Of Personality

Commence binge-watching these shows, fellow otakus!
by Karen Mae De Vera | May 12, 2018
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Netflix has finally caught on to the anime craze and added popular anime like Attack On Titan, Gurren Lagann, Durarara!!, Kill la Kill, and the like, so that you can now watch via legal means. Otherwise, there would be, uh, no other way of viewing them, right? They’ve even started creating and releasing anime-style originals on their streaming platform. Recently, they’ve announced plans to work on another animated series called Seis Manos (set in Mexico) that will be developed by the same company that made Castlevania. Keep scrolling to read more about the shows that will make you stop, Netflix, and actually chill. (Because it’s not like you’ll ever have a girl over anyway. LOL!)

1) For the tired office drone: Aggressive Retsuko

Sanrio characters are often associated with cute appearances and hobbies and not a foul-faced beer-guzzler like Retsuko. We follow the adventures of this Red Panda as she deals with office politics and unwinds by screaming bloody murder as she sings along to death metal songs. This short anime series quickly rose to popularity due to its very relatable nature. Who hasn’t suppressed and compartmentalized all their negative feelings into a ball of fury so that they don’t accidentally snap at their boss? This show is best viewed during another round of unpaid overtime at the office. That’ll show ’em that you’re not just a cog in the machine. Don’t let the man get you down!

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2) For the thrasher: Devilman Crybaby

If you enjoy causing a mess (in hordes at the mall, perhaps) and love watching mayhem unfold then you should check this out. The TL;DR premise is about a teen named Akira who gets possessed by a demon. Since Akira is such a good guy, and emotionally sensitive to boot, the demon fails to take full control of him. Part of Go Nagai’s Devilman series, the anime has a generous amount of blood, gore, sex, religious imagery, and philosophical contemplation—it all sounds very rock and roll, really. None of these aspects feel tacked on and helps progress the storyline. This is the kind of series where you must avoid spoilers at all costs so you can enjoy the full experience.

3) For the softboi orbiter: Violet Evergarden

Violet was a child soldier who lost her arms during the war. She is fitted with silver prosthetic arms and leaves the military in order to work at a special postal service. The war vet takes on the job of typing letters on behalf of people who can’t express their feelings well, and in the process, tries to find the true meaning of love. You better have a box of tissues handy (not for that, you perv) because this show has been known to force-drown you in a tsunami wave of feels.

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4) For the notorious overthinker: B: The Beginning

Do you like playing couch detective? Do you enjoy formulating all sorts of convoluted theories as you watch a crime show? Do you get satisfaction from solving a mystery before the heroes do the big reveal (So that you can say “I told you so!” to nobody in particular)? There’s a lot to unpack with B: The Beginning as the identity of murderer Killer B constantly eludes our heroes. Think you can solve the mystery before the Royal Police’s Investigative agency does?


5) For the D&D weekend warrior: Fate/Apocrypha

When all you want to do is roleplay as your made-up character and gallivant into the board game dungeons to slay beasts and unwind but adulting gets in the way. Just try scheduling a board game session with fellow office grunt friends. Your schedules perfectly aligning is about as likely as your crush replying with more than just a thumbs up emoji to your constant attempts at conversation. Instead, you can live vicariously in the grand battles staged in the Fate series and admire the intricate armor. You might get ideas for your next D&D campaign.

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6) For the one that needs a binge-watching intervention: Kakegurui

You will feel at home watching a bunch of high school students with low impulse control play in high-stakes (legally sanctioned) games. The main protagonist, Yumeko Jabami, is a compulsive gambler with the special power of deduction—she can see through her opponent’s bullshit cheating strategies (Now wouldn’t that be a useful skill to have under a different context?). The gambling matches just get more and more absurd as the episodes go on with millions at stake.

7) For the pedantic sci-fi fan: Knights of Sidonia

There’s an all-out space war between humans and shapeshifting aliens and a whole bunch of people live inside a gigantic ship. There’s enough mech tech and advanced weaponry to ogle at and some character development choices that you will either support or angrily rant about online. Either way, it will keep you preoccupied for weeks.

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8) For the Catholic school boy: The Seven Deadly Sins

Years spent getting drilled (he he) with dogma at school will finally be of use when you watch this anime. You will easily identify the religious imagery and references used in this fantasy adventure show. You might get a bit confused, though, since the titular seven deadly sins happen to be the heroes in this scenario and must fight the Holy Knights who have taken over the land. Oh, and there’s enough fanservice to keep your hand busy.

9) For the closet brony: Glitter Force Doki Doki

Before you scoff and compose an angry comment questioning this entry, think about the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Is it not a truth universally acknowledged, that a sizeable percentage of adult males make up the fandom? Where do you think the term Brony originated? Yes, straight men can actually enjoy shows that are geared toward a female demographic. If you like MLP, then this magical anime series has enough bright colors, sparkly shit, “best girls,” and declarations of friendship to entertain you. Don’t deny the kawaii, bro!

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