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'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Refresher: Ready For The Big War?

Get reacquainted with the storyline
by Rampador Alindog | Oct 23, 2017
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Season 8 of AMC's The Walking Dead series is almost upon us and many are already itching to see what the show producers have come up with. The release of the teaser added to the hype, with loyal fans giving it a double thumbs up. Who will be offed this time? Gregory? Rosita? Gabriel? And what will happen to Negan and Dwight? For followers of the suspenseful drama, there are just too many possibilities to think about.

At this point, we can only look back and recall the highs and lows of last season.

Death times two

Last year began with Negan murdering Abraham and Glenn. The brutal scene was hard to forget, but it was easily the season's biggest moment. Could Season 8 be bloodier? Well, we hope it won't for Rick and company.

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Kingdom come

Season 7 introduced us to the Kingdom, another sanctuary serving under Negan that is led by by a dreadlocked man who calls himself King Ezekiel. We dare not argue with it, of course, given the guy has a tiger for a pet.

In any case, we are glad that after much hee-hawing he has since decided to join Rick's cause. We already saw what his tiger could do in the last few scenes of Season 7 and we can't wait to see more. Meanwhile, let's see if the attraction he has for Carol develops.

Atop the hill

One character whom we personally hope to get the nasty end of Negan's bat or Rick's Magnum is Gregory, the Hilltop's leader. Just like Eugene, the traitorous coward has to go in the worst way possible if only to satisfy most fan's bloodlust.

Along the way, we also want to see one of Hilltop's best, Jesus, finally display some of that combat knowledge.

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No sanctuary

Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary, Negan's home base, Dwight has decided to man up and turn his back on Negan. Of course, it's understandable he has to do it behind his back as one wrong move he's dead.

Seeing him reunited with his wife Sherry will guarantee his story arc a happy ending.

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Carl's trip

In Season 7, Carl showed enough cunning and bravery to try and off Negan. He was able to do a bit of damage with his big gun but that's it. If anything, Carl showed he is as tough as his dad.

We're hoping he gets to see more action in the coming season. Not to mention, finally lose his virginity.

A trip to the beach

Beautiful but rotund Tara's betrayal of the Oceanside community should be repaid somewhat and this could only happen with Rick winning the war.

Hopefully, these brave souls will find it in them to join Rick and company and finally emerge from hiding.


The decision

Ah, poor Spencer. His death may have led to Rick finally deciding to face Negan head-on but in the end, he was a fool. Negan knows it, too. Will Rosita follow in his footsteps? Let's see.

Scavenger's hunt

While looking for Gabriel, who left Alexandria with a carload of food, Rick and company stumble into the Scavengers. Jadis, the traitorous leader of the Scavengers, should be dead soon enough. We don't see anything good coming from her group.

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Traitor and a coward

As for Eugene, we could only hope his death comes soon. He has already done so much damage. And only because Negan showed him the possibilities inherent to living on top of the food chain.

Who cares if he is a so-called genius? We say, it's time he meets his maker. That mullet is getting on our nerves.

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On a mission

Sasha going Rambo and ending up a walker is just one of the saddest thing to happen in the show. It's either Rosita avenges her death or she dies, too. That simple, really.

The big battle

Season 8, of course, is all about the big battle.

Negan may look like he has the upper hand at this point—he's got the numbers and the guns—but we also know Rick doesn't give up easy. With The Kingdom and The Hilltop now on his side, plus Dwight, a little careful planning just might earn them a squeaker of a win against the Man With The Bat.

Ah, but Negan is not your ordinary villain. We're pretty sure he is going to make it hard for a heroes. Not that we're complaining. After all, it is what makes things interesting.

Now, get ready for more of the excitement later.

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